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It is possible that more than one purist has suffered a sudden stab of pain in the chest, towards the left side, when they have seen the new Lotus. If the confirmation that Ferrari will present its own SUV raised a stir (although it was more than expected), the Lotus Eletre is very likely to have given more than one dislike. Even though this sporty electric SUV promises heart attack figures.

Technical sheet of the Lotus Eletre

lotus eletra

Body type.

Five-seater SUV.

Measurements and weight.

5.1 meters long, 2.14 meters wide and 1.63 meters high. 3.02 meters of wheelbase. Weight to be confirmed.


To be confirmed.

Maximum power.

600 hp.

WLTP consumption.

To be confirmed.

Environmental badge.

Zero emissions.

Driving aids (ADAS).

Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping, Lane Departure Warning and Lane Assist, Emergency Braking, Front and Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Sign Recognition. Projection on the windshield with augmented reality technology.


15.1-inch touch screen with OLED technology. Small independent screens three centimeters high for driver and co-pilot. KEF sound system with 13 speakers (25 speakers with immersive 3D technology as an option). OTA updates.

electric hybrid


Plug-in hybrid.



Yes. Two electric motors (one per axle) to add 600 CV of power. 100 kWh battery.

Price and launch.

Available in 2023. Price to be confirmed.

Lotus Eletre, breaking molds

Lotus has always been characterized by very low and light sneakers, with enviable driving dynamics. Or, what is the same, the antagonistic car to what is sought today in the market. Also in luxury. The SUV has passed over all its rivals and if a brand wants to be profitable, it has no choice but to jump through hoops. Porsche was the first with its Cayenne and, little by little, Lamborghini, Maserati or Ferrari have followed the same path or will follow it very soon.

In this context, Lotus had it difficult and has decided to go all out for everything: SUV and electric. Its next great sports car will arrive in 2023 and that is when we will see a unique model in its range and the one destined to mark a before and after.

His numbers say it all: 5.1 meters in length, 2.14 meters wide and 1.63 meters high. To get an idea, the Lotus Emira, the latest non-electrified sports car from the firm is 20 centimeters shorter in length and 40 centimeters shorter in height. Despite everything, Lotus has wanted to fulfill one of its maxims and, to reduce weight, extensive use has been made of carbon fiber (the black elements that contrast with the bodywork) and of aluminum and steel in the chassis. .

On a mechanical level, the Lotus Eletre will have two electric motors (one per axle) that will deliver up to 600 hp and will provide the SUV with four-wheel drive. Its 100 kWh battery announces a range of 600 kilometers in the best of cases and supports charging powers of up to 350 kW through 800 V technology or up to 22 kW in alternating current. The brand ensures that you can count on up to 400 kilometers after 20 minutes of charging.

Entering the new dimension

Lotus did not want to surprise only in technical details, the inside of the new Eletre is a declaration of intentions of what we can find in its future models.

A horizontal light strip crosses the entire dashboard and serves as a reference for two small elongated screens (driver and passenger) only three centimeters high, on which practical information is displayed, such as the expected data on the instrument panel, the climate control functions or incoming calls. In addition, the strip changes color based on the information displayed.

Lotus Eletre 2023 1600 0f

But it is in his great 15.1-inch touch screen, and OLED technology, where all the information related to your infotainment system is collected. In addition, the data shown here can be projected on the windshield, also adding augmented reality functions. The sound signature puts it KEF, with 15 speakers as standard and up to 23 speakers on request. This last option has 2,160 W of power and 3D technology.

In terms of driving aids and safety systems, LIDAR technology is widely used, with up to four radars distributed throughout the bodywork. It has one located in the rear window, another in the windshield and another two in the wings of the front wheels. These, in addition, are hidden and are only displayed if necessary. It is the first car that has this technology.

These LIDAR sensors, together with the rest of the cameras, are essential to guarantee the proper functioning of the ADAS systems for driving assistance and safety, such as adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, cross traffic alert (front and rear). ), maintenance and assisted lane change or signal reading.

The Government will subsidize gasoline and diesel with 20 cents per liter for all drivers

In addition, the mirrors are replaced by cameras in those countries where their use is allowed. In this case, up to three cameras are included in the supports, one to act as a rear-view mirror, another for parking assistance and the last one to support the semi-autonomous driving systems.

The technological section closes with wireless charging for the mobile phone, the latter’s own application with which to know the status of the vehicle and the possibility of adding OTA updates to have the sports car always up to date through 5G technology.

As for its price and launch, it has only been confirmed that it can be purchased in 2023 but no details about its price have been advanced.

It is possible that more than one purist has suffered a sudden stab of pain in the chest, towards the…

It is possible that more than one purist has suffered a sudden stab of pain in the chest, towards the…

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