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After sneak in some other time, the OPPO Pad is official. It is the first OPPO tablet and, as such, it is a high-end model inside which we find the Snapdragon 870. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that the device has been launched in China and that, for the moment, there is no news about his possible arrival in Spain.

In its native country, the tablet is priced from 2,299 yuan (about 326 euros to change) and two versions: the standard and the Artist Edition, which has a series of engravings on the upper third of the back. In the absence of knowing if it will arrive (or not) in Spain, let’s see what else it offers.

OPPO Pad data sheet



252.2 x 163.8 x 6.99mm

507 grams


11-inch IPS/LCD

Resolution WQXGA (2,560 x 1,600 pixels)

275 dpi

Refresh rate: 120 Hz

Touch Sampling: 120 Hz


Snapdragon 870

Adreno 650 GPU




128/256GB UFS 3.1


13MP /2.2


8MP f/2.0



Fast charge 33W


ColorOS for Pad

Android 11


WiFi 6

Bluetooth 5.1

usb type c


4x speakers

Dolby Atmos

Hi-Res Audio

Compatible with OPPO Pencil

face unlock


From 326 euros to change

This is the first OPPO tablet

OppoPad 1

The OPPO Pad is a tablet that stands out for its low thickness of just 6.99 millimeters and its weight, just over 500 grams. Interestingly, the purple one is somewhat thicker and heavier, but the difference is negligible. The finish of the back is striking, with that decoration in the upper third with the text “OPPO Pad”.

For the screen, OPPO has opted for a IPS/LCD panel (curious that it is not AMOLED) of 11 inches with WQXGA resolution. That translates to 275 pixels per inch. What the Chinese firm has not neglected has been the refresh rate, which is 120 Hzlike the touch sampling rate, also 120 Hz.

OppoPad 3

It is a tablet designed for multimedia content and creativity. For this reason, OPPO has taken its own pencil out of its sleeve, the OPPO Pen. This pencil (which does not appear to be included in the box) weighs 16.5 grams, has 4,096 pressure points and a sampling rate of 240 Hz. Together with the system apps, which have been optimized for this format, it is designed to write, draw and design.

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Inside the tablet we find a Snapdragon 870 processor with six or eight gigs of LPDDR4x RAM and 128 or 256 GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage. Components, as we see, quite solvent. The operating system is ColorOS for Pad based on Android 11 and is powered by an 8,360 mAh battery with 33W fast charging.

OppoPad 2

Finally, it should be noted that the OPPO Pad has four Hi-Res speakers compatible with Dolby AtmosWiFi 6 and two cameras, one in front and one behind, of 13 and eight megapixels each.

Versions and price of the OPPO Pad

OppoPad 4

The OPPO Pad It has been launched in China and there is no news about its possible arrival in Spain, so we will be waiting to update when appropriate. In China the prices are as follows:

  • OPPO Pad 6/128GB: 2,299 yuan, about 326 euros to change.
  • OPPO Pad 6/256GB: 2,699 yuan, about 383 euros to change.
  • OPPO Pad 8/256GB: 2,999 yuan, about 425 euros to change.
  • OPPO Pad Artist Edition 8/256GB: 3,499 yuan, about 496 euros to change.

After sneak in some other time, the OPPO Pad is official. It is the first OPPO tablet and, as such,…

After sneak in some other time, the OPPO Pad is official. It is the first OPPO tablet and, as such,…

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