Ezra Miller has finally reappeared. And that doesn’t alleviate Warner’s problem with ‘The Flash’ in the least.

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The talk of the summer is being the apparently chaotic situation that Warner is experiencing on many fronts. Actually it is not so much, since all the excesses obey the designs of the new CEO of Warner, David Zaslav, decided for the DC universe to follow in the lucrative footsteps of Marvel, plus the domino effect after the merger of Discovery and AT&T, whose immediate consequence is the integration of HBO Max and Discovery + into a single service, and whose name or other characteristics are currently unknown. However, the bizarre news follows one another, and the impression is that absolute chaos reigns at Warner.

Every man for himself. One of the latest flag bearers of this business mess was the cancellation of ‘Batgirl’ with the film shot, throwing away $90 million. A decision that responds to Warner’s new priorities with the DC universe, where there is no place for a film intended for the direct market of the streaming. is also the sudden disappearance of content on HBO Max, whose consequences in the medium term remain to be seen. And then there’s ‘The Flash,’ of course.

'Batgirl' confirms the harsh reality of streaming: it is more profitable to kill a movie than to release it without theaters

This movie is a powder keg. Especially for Warner Bros., due to the erratic and even criminal behavior of Ezra Miller, its protagonist, and whom we already saw embodying the character in Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’. In fact, ‘The Flash’ was a particularly symbolic film for Warner for that very reason: unlike hits like ‘Joker’ or ‘The Batman’, ‘The Flash’ could mean a recovery of the DC Universe as Warner understood it before of the also eventful trajectory of Snyder’s ambitious proposal.

In the eye of the hurricane. Since April 2020, Ezra Miller has starred a series of problematic behaviors including attempting to strangle a fan in a bar, an Instagram video threatening the Ku Klux Klan, karaoke riots, robberies and assaults in Hawaii, restraining orders, and a drive to literally nowhere, wearing a bulletproof vest and believing that the FBI and the KKK are after him. There are also very murky accusations of child abuse and leadership of a destructive cult, culminating in the widespread belief that the actor has lost touch with reality.

Ezra returns home. A few days ago, Warner reported that Ezra Miller had reappeared and returned to his mother’s house. Today, in statements that his representatives have sent to numerous American media, the actor has apologized for his behavior and has assured that he will seek help.

In them, the actor affirms that “I have recently been through an acute crisis and now understand that I am suffering from complex mental health issues and have started ongoing treatment. I want to apologize to everyone whom I have alarmed and annoyed with my behavior. I am committed to doing the work necessary to return to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life.”

Ezra Miller

And now that. The question is: where does this leave ‘The Flash’? A few days ago, when Miller’s change in attitude was not so clear, ‘The Hollywood Reporter‘ spoke of three possible scenarios for the film: on the one hand, Miller could grant an interview and do very limited publicity. On the other hand, without Miller, the film could be released without Miller doing promotional work and changing the actor for future films in the series. Finally, there is the option of scrapping the film as was done with ‘Batgirl’, since it is impossible to remake it with the actor appearing in virtually every scene.

The situation is so complex that there is literally no good option. Miller’s image is so damaged that it would be necessary to see if the film is so good that it makes the public forget her outrages off the screen. Not to mention the moral problems involved, if any of the most serious accusations are confirmed, having a criminal headlining one of the production company’s outstanding premieres.

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The Reverse Flash. What is indisputable is that, apologies through or not, ‘The Flash’ is in a very delicate situation. It’s a 200 million dollar budget that Warner may not be able to afford to throw away like he did with the 90 that cost ‘Batgirl’. Not only because of the film itself, but because of what the character means, a member of the Justice League essential to restore the DC Universe in cinema and propose an approach to the Marvel formula.

The problem of the actors. The situation in which Warner finds itself is also witness to a very specific circumstance: the confidence of the superhero film industry (and, consequently, of the film industry in general) in very specific stars for very specific roles. Part of the moment of creative crisis that Marvel is experiencing derives from there: the public continues to identify actors who have already abandoned their roles, such as Chris Evans, with iconic characters and those who must be replaced. And it keeps pulling on the few that remain active (Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner) to stretch the original gum on products that lack the charisma of the original films.

These dilemmas with the actors linked to specific characters explode when there are problems such as that of Ezra Miller, who with his personal drift could ruin, by himself, Warner’s ambitious plans to exploit the original DC universe. It is difficult to predict what the successive steps of the producer of ‘The Flash’ will be, but whatever they are, much more is at stake than a simple adventure of the scarlet speedster.

The talk of the summer is being the apparently chaotic situation that Warner is experiencing on many fronts. Actually it…

The talk of the summer is being the apparently chaotic situation that Warner is experiencing on many fronts. Actually it…

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