Everything we know about Apple’s most ambitious smartwatch

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The day is coming. The expectation for the iPhone 14 is growing, with the Apple event scheduled for next September 7, one of the most important dates in the technological territory for this 2022. Despite the fact that the iPhone will be the star product, the expectation for the Apple Watch 8 it doesn’t fall short.

let’s collect all the information we know about the Apple Watch Series 8an evolution that, according to what has been leaked so far, will mean a significant leap compared to the Apple Watch Series 7.

When will the Apple Watch Series 8 be introduced?

On the part of Apple there is nothing confirmed, but if the calendar meets like every year, will be presented on September 7. It will arrive at the iPhone 14 presentation event, along with iOS 16. The event can be followed from the Apple website, YouTube, and our own direct on Xataka, at 7:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time.

If we respect the pre-sale phases of the iPhone 14, we will be able to buy the Apple Watch Series 8 next Friday, September 9, and start receiving it at home on september 16. With the event kicking off so soon, we’ll have the Apple Watch home by the middle of the month. This is the forecast since, with the semiconductor crisis still upon us, there are more doubts than certainties about the availability of the products.

Every time we know more details of the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro. Neither its size nor its price will be for anyone

In the same way, expected to be able to measure blood glucose levels, blood pressure and detect sleep apnea. These functions would arrive thanks to a battery of new sensors, which would allow measurements to be carried out in the least intrusive way possible for the user.

What will your design be?

Apple WatchSeries

Little or nothing is firmly known about the design of the Apple Watch 7. The last generation was expected a change in the bevels of it, to get in line with the 12th and 13th generation of iPhone. The translation? It is possible that these changes in the edges, flatter, come to the Apple Watch Series 8.

If anyone was expecting a change on the screen, it seems that may come a larger model. According to the leaks, there will be variants of 41, 45 and 48mm, finding ourselves before the largest Apple Watch in history. This change in millimeters can also be given by an improvement in the front framesAlthough nothing is confirmed. The standard model is expected to be made of aluminum, as usual. For the more expensive versions, titanium is the main candidate.

What new features will it have?

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 8 won’t want to stand out for a design revolution, but new health features are expected. This watch will be a thermometer, according to the information we have to date. It will be an Apple Watch capable of measuring body temperatureto tell us when we have a fever or an unusually low temperature.

This sensor can also be used to monitor a woman’s fertile period, thus indicating the most likely days to get pregnant. It would be a function that would add to the current measurements of the period and menstrual health.

To increase its size, as we have previously commented there may also be a good change in autonomy. This improvement in battery would also be caused by a new processor that should give life to this Watch 8, since this year it is time for renewal.

Will I be able to put my old straps on it?


The classic question when a new Apple Watch is released is whether we can use the straps of the previous model. No news about a change to Apple’s strap system Therefore, according to the information we currently have, you will be able to continue using your straps.

yes it is expected With this Apple Watch the company takes the opportunity to present new strapsbut it won’t be a change that affects Apple’s own proprietary tethering system.

How much will the Apple Watch Series 8 cost?

Last year, the most basic Apple Watch Series 8 had a price starting at 429 euros, while the most expensive model went up to 879 euros. Barring a miracle, Apple will raise prices this year, so it shouldn’t surprise us see the Apple Watch close to 449 eurosor even above.

Until the day of the presentation we will not know for sure the exact price, but everything indicates that these will be the most expensive Apple watches so far.

The day is coming. The expectation for the iPhone 14 is growing, with the Apple event scheduled for next September…

The day is coming. The expectation for the iPhone 14 is growing, with the Apple event scheduled for next September…

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