Elon Musk says that the Tesla Cybertruck will start selling in 2023 (and this time yes, he is serious, or so it seems)

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Like it more or like it less, it must be recognized that Elon Musk and Tesla know how to throw good parties. They have done it in the past and have repeated it in Texas, with the inauguration of the firm’s new Gigafactory in Texas in an event called cyber rodeo. During his mass bath, Musk has also announced important news.

The Tesla Cybertruck, one of the vehicles that has caused the most expectation since it was announced in 2019, once again has a launch date. As Elon Musk himself has announced, the huge electric pick-up will arrive in 2023 and it seems that this will be the final date, after a first delay in 2021, which postponed its departure to 2022 and, finally, left the vehicle without a date. launch officer. In the final part of 2021, the departure in 2023 was already rumored, which finally seems to be confirmed.

The creator and CEO of Tesla, a recent member of the board of directors of Twitter, has emphasized that the first units of the Tesla Cybertruck will be sent next year to its buyers. At the beginning of the year, Musk pointed to the semiconductor crisis as the main reason for these delays, which also seems to have swept away the promised $25,000 electric power.

The Tesla Cybertruck is a huge pick-up that promises ranges of more than 800 kilometers for a price that is close to the $40,000, with an aesthetic… particular. In fact, its daring bodywork has been the subject of debate regarding its possible homologation in Europe and during its presentation one of the most awkward moments that are remembered, when the vehicle was not able to withstand a blow against one of its armored windows.

More announcements in the Texas Gigafactory

The new Tesla Gigafactory in Texas will be in charge of manufacturing the large vehicles Of the brand. The future Tesla Model Y, Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Semi, the brand’s electric truck, will come out of its production line. The objective is to increase production and for the Texas plant to become the one with the largest production in the United States.

In fact, this increase in production has led Musk to launch one of his most bombastic phrases. They hope that with this new factory, Tesla will increase production as “no company has achieved in the history of mankind”, according to what they collect in gadget. The truth is that no specific figures have been given.

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Beyond the Cybertruck, Tesla is also expected to start production in 2023 of its electric truck and its Optimus, a humanoid robot specifically designed to perform “unsafe, repetitive or boring” tasks. The Tesla Roadster could also be seen at the event, of which no news was offered.

Like it more or like it less, it must be recognized that Elon Musk and Tesla know how to throw…

Like it more or like it less, it must be recognized that Elon Musk and Tesla know how to throw…

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