Elon Musk activates the Starlink service in Ukraine after one of his ministers asked him on Twitter

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In just four days the war in Ukraine has already left devastating images, such as that of hundreds of people taking refuge in the basements and tunnels of the Kiev metro to protect themselves from the bombs. Others, however, and while still being tragic, are so curious that we could hardly have imagined them a decade ago. The last one was carried out by a minister and the richest man on the planet. On Saturday Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s deputy prime minister and head of Digital Transformation, appealed to Elon Musk via Twitter asking him to serve his country with Starlink. Hours later, the businessman confirmed that he is already active and will be strengthened.

The first to make a move was the Ukrainian minister, who wrote a message asking Musk for help: “While trying to colonize Mars, Russia is trying to occupy Ukraine! While its rockets successfully land from space, Russian rockets are attacking the Ukrainian civilian population! We ask you to provide Ukraine with Starlink stations and call on sane Russians to stand up.” The response of the founder of SpaceX and Teslaten hours later, was much more concise: “Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals on the way.”

Almost immediately the Government of Ukraine appreciated the gesture through the same social network. At the moment, yes, it is unknown how accessible Starlink will be on the former Soviet satellite.

From offices to Twitter

Beyond the exchange of messages between Musk and Fedorov or the fact that a couple of tweets have replaced the offices where we are used to “cooking” agreements, the tycoon’s decision can help Ukraine alleviate its connectivity problems.

The country has seen how its Internet service was affected in the southern and eastern areas, where the fighting has been particularly intense. “While there is no blackout nationwide, there is hardly any news from the most affected regions and for others there is constant fear that connectivity could worsen at any time, leaving friends and family without access,” Netboks explained yesterday. monitoring Organization, to Reuterswhich indicates that on Friday connectivity with the country’s main provider briefly fell by 20%.

Starlink satellites can provide broadband Internet connections from space, without the need for cables, which makes it an interesting option for populations located in rural areas or hard-to-reach places. A few weeks ago, on January 15, Musk explained that SpaceX already has about 1,500 active satellites and 272 pending to move to operational orbits shortly. His goal, however, is to multiply those figures.

Elon Musk is not the only manager to whom the Ukrainian authorities have addressed through the networks. Fedorov also wrote to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking him to stop supplying Russia with products and services, including its AppStore. As detailed by the Elliptic analysis company, the Kiev Executive has also managed to raise almost eight million dollars in cryptocurrencies after launching appeals through the networks for donations of bitcoins and other digital assets. “We now accept cryptocurrency donations,” Fedorov tweeted.

In just four days the war in Ukraine has already left devastating images, such as that of hundreds of people…

In just four days the war in Ukraine has already left devastating images, such as that of hundreds of people…

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