Dubai has grown tired of throwing money at lavish buildings. So now he’s going to ride his own moon

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That Dubai likes to mix architecture and hyperbole is no secret. On the contrary. The Emirati city is home to the skyscraper of skyscrapers, the Burj Khalifaa mass of 828 meters high that marks the skyline of a metropolis full of great towers, such as the emblematic burj al arab.

If the Canadian Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR) succeeds in its purpose to this peculiar —and pharaonic— map of mega constructions could be added a new architectural “gem”: a huge lunar-themed resort. And the lunar theme goes in the literal sense of the word.

infographics released by Moon World Resorts show exactly that: a gigantic Moon-shaped construction resting on a wide “ring”. The set may not be as tall as the Burj Khalifa, but if it succeeds it will certainly leave a new landmark in Dubai.

A moon in the middle of Dubai

The project the magazine has advanced Arabian Business, which breaks down some of its most impressive data. The greatest of all is perhaps the cost. Giving shape to the resort will require about 5,000 million dollars. For now, MWR plans to start a road show that will take you to Dubai and other regions of the Middle East and North Africa, such as Kuwait or Qatar to show your proposal.

If he gets the funding, maybe we could see the resort in a few years. Your managers —precise Interesting Engineering— They calculate that once the license has been obtained and the location chosen, a year will have to be invested in a pre-development program, which will be followed by a construction phase of 48 months. In total: five years. That at least on paper.

In a city full of skyscrapers, yes, a priori the resort will attract more attention due to its peculiar shape than its height. As required Arabian Business, it is expected to reach 224 meters and occupy an area of ​​just over four hectares. Such a mass will be dedicated to different uses, including hospitality and entertainment, education, technology and “space tourism”.

How? From what the Dubai media reveals “moon” setting they will go beyond their peculiar structure. It ensures that it will house a training platform for space agencies and visitors will be able to enjoy a “lunar transport” of which no further details have been given. The resort, in fact, promises a real “moon colony”. Only in the middle of the United Arab Emirates, of course.

In addition, the resort would include more conventional attractions, such as a spa, nightclub, event center and lounge. Also space for those interested in acquiring private residences. “Approximately three hundred units will be available for purchase. The owners will be members of an exclusive private club”, point out the promoters of the initiative.

So groundbreaking would be the proposal that its promoters are confident that its space theme could attract 2.5 million visitors a year. “Moon Dubai will have significant impact in all aspects of the emirate’s economy.” highlights Michael R. Hendersonfrom MWR, to the Dubai media.

Cover Image | Moon World Resort

That Dubai likes to mix architecture and hyperbole is no secret. On the contrary. The Emirati city is home to…

That Dubai likes to mix architecture and hyperbole is no secret. On the contrary. The Emirati city is home to…

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