Disney has entered into crisis. So he has chosen to recover the man who built his current empire: Bob Iger

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The consequences of the announcement that Disney had registered considerable losses seem to have more consequences than the increase in Disney+ rates or the announcement of numerous layoffs. Disney seems to be willing to go further and has beheaded its leadership: Bob Chapek has been fired from his position as CEO of the company and in an unexpected move, Bob Iger, responsible for some of the greatest hits of Disney, has returned to his position. the house in recent years.

An ephemeral reign. Chapek has lived as CEO of Disney for a little over two years, since February 2020. He had been with the company since 1993, and after a period in the home entertainment and amusement parks faction, he received the meteoric promotion to CEO of the company. With this, he was ahead of other rivals for the position, such as Kevin Mayer -who is usually identified as responsible for the successful launch and first year of Disney+- or as Tom Staggs, an important executive of the house (both, by the way, have ended up in Candle Media, investment company backed by Blackstone)

Chapek, however, faced an unexpected foe the same year as his promotion: the pandemic. His tenure, however, was successful, if controversial: he closed amusement parks, movie theaters and live sports events and maintained investor confidence. However, a spending glut late in his tenure may have pushed him out of the job, slowing Disney+’s seemingly limitless growth.

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Clash with the Black Widow. Deadline details another setback for Chapek that could have precipitated his departure: the controversy with Scarlett Johansson on account of ‘Black Widow’, which according to the outlet possibly never would have occurred under Iger’s command. Chapek was responsible for the policy of releasing in theaters at the same time as on Disney + with an extra charge. Johansson consequently sued Disney for breach of contract and making him lose millions of dollars with the simultaneous release, to which Disney responded by accusing the actress of little sensitivity to the situation generated by COVID at a global level.

The process was resolved quickly, but the conflict with the star left a bitter trail in Disney’s usually very fluid relationship with its actors. Some other rudeness and communication failures from the Chapek period caused some discomfort in the company, and that is why Disney has decided to return to an area where it is perfectly safe: the mandate of Iger, under whose aegis so much success has been achieved in the past. It shouldn’t have been an easy trade: In his thank-you letter, Iger makes no mention of Chapek, and he’s been known to occasionally clash out of the spotlight.

Iger’s return. The return of the former CEO will not be definitive, but will last for two years, a bridge period until the arrival of a successor and in whose search Iger himself will be involved, who has been with the company for 47 years, 15 of them has passed as CEO. But it will not be easy: Disney sees this phase, in the official communiqu√© issued to announce the appointment, as “a progressively more complex period of industry transformation.” Come on, Disney sees how the storm clouds are approaching.

Eisner’s bombing. Iger himself did not have an entirely easy time at the Disney that he had to inherit: he succeeded Michael Eisner in 2005. Eisnet was, in his 21 years at the helm, responsible for the transformation of a Disney that was going through a phase of low hours to early eighties into the true entertainment monster we know today. His years at the head of the company are known as those of the Renaissance: it was he who planned successes such as ‘The little Mermaid‘, ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ and the rest of the classics of the time, bought ABC and the Muppets franchise and boosted amusement parks by opening, among others, Euro Disney in 1992.

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Achievement Portfolio. Yet Iger himself hasn’t exactly had an unsuccessful career: the Disney we know today is his doing, and his is the vision to expand the company’s network of properties. During his time, Disney bought Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and 21st Century Fox. The predictable box office bombing of ‘Avatar 2’ this Christmas will be just one more blow to his regency, and a good proof of why Disney has once again relied on the.

The consequences of the announcement that Disney had registered considerable losses seem to have more consequences than the increase in…

The consequences of the announcement that Disney had registered considerable losses seem to have more consequences than the increase in…

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