Disney+ already has almost all of Spider-Man. His plan to monopolize Marvel is being a success

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From July 1 A few classics of the arachnid hero that had never been on the platform arrive at Disney +: Above all else, the three Sam Saimi classics starring Tobey Maguire (which are on HBO Max right now). Added to these are some recent films: ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ (now in Netflix Y hbo max) and ‘Venom’ (so far Netflix), in addition to ‘Spider-Man: A new universe’ (this one arrives at Disney + on July 7, and right now it is in hbo max).

As you can see, they weren’t exactly difficult films to locate, but the news is important because they are added, possibly definitively (although who knows in that sense: after all, the property of those films belongs to Sony) to the catalog of Marvel products available on Disney +. And it is a process that the company is following little by little, but with determined steps.

Disney+ wants to be equal to Marvel

Of course, before the creation of the MCU, the Marvel movies were very dispersed in different production companies, and there Disney has a lot of work left to do (apart from the fact that no transfer of broadcasting rights to which the platform reaches will be eternal, as has happened with the return of the Netflix series of Marvel heroes). From the Hulk or Spider-Man television series of the eighties to the Blade trilogy, passing through countless animation productions, Disney + has work.

'Spider-Man - A new universe' is one of the best superhero movies in history, and these are our reasons

But from ‘Iron Man’ to here, the field is much more delimited, and in fact the few films that were left outside the Disney umbrella have ended up coming into the fold. For example, the productions of X-Men and other Fox mutants are already owned by Disney after the purchase of the latter, and all of its superhero movies, after completing periods of rights on other platforms, are already on Disney+.

Sony was the other company that, as the owner of the rights to the Spider-Verse, He was reluctant to enter Disney +, but finally the platform has the movies in its catalog. Again, it is not certain that they will remain there forever, but surely they will be there for a few years. What is left to come? Well, ‘Venom: There will be slaughter’ (now in Movistar Plus+) and, of course, ‘Morbius’, which has yet to start its long process of (increasingly shorter) exploit windows.

With the arrival of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ on Disney +, the entire MCU is available on the platform. Only Raimi’s classic ‘Spider-Man’ remained, and that’s covered as of July 1. As for the rest of Tom Holland’s movies, ‘Far From Home’ is on Prime Video and hbo max, and ‘No Way Home’, like ‘Morbius’ still has a long way to go. But the signs are more or less clear: they will end up arriving at Disney +, which is on its way to being the inescapable meeting point of all Marvel products. Whether owned by Disney or not.

From July 1 A few classics of the arachnid hero that had never been on the platform arrive at Disney…

From July 1 A few classics of the arachnid hero that had never been on the platform arrive at Disney…

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