‘Diablo IV’ will not have one of the most criticized features of ‘Immortal Devil’

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It is no secret that, despite the good economic performance of ‘Immortal Devil’, the last installment of the saga has been harshly criticized for its mechanics pay to win and loot boxes. Given this situation, the monetization of ‘Diablo IV’, the next big release, generated fears, but Activision Blizzard has come to the fore to calm the waters.

Through a extensive publication on the game’s official website, the company has explained that ‘Diablo IV’ it will be a full pay game (not like ‘Immortal Devil’, which is free to play), but it will behave like a game as a service. That is, you will receive upgrades, cosmetics, and even a premium battle pass, but no loot boxes.

The monetization of ‘Diablo IV’

Let’s go first with the monetization of the game. On the one hand, ‘Diablo IV’ will be a paid game, but that does not mean that the company will miss the opportunity to continue generating income through different ways. In summary, the system is as follows:

  • The store: There is a premium currency (paid, purchased with real money) that is used to buy cosmetics in the store. They will be cosmetic items, such as skins or customizations, but according to the company, “nothing that is sold offers a direct or indirect advantage in terms of gameplay.” In addition, cosmetics obtained from the shop that are exclusive to a class can be used with all characters on the account that are that class.
  • season pass: There are two season passes, one free and one paid. The difference between the two is that the premium grants cosmetics and premium currency. There are cosmetic items that can only be obtained with the season pass, as is the case in many other games. Not all cosmetics are available in the store or in the Season Pass, some also drop as in-game loot.

The game will not have loot boxes (something that makes sense seeing the criticism received by ‘Immortal Devil’that a few days ago the company removed them from ‘Overwatch’ and that state agencies are watching them very closely) nor will it allow you to pay for more power. In other words, neither loot boxes neither mechanical pay to win.

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Now, the season pass will grant free season boosters. These allow faster progress in the season (increasing the experience gained). According to Activision Blizzard, since they are items that affect gameplay, “they are free for everyone. We want to make it very clear that you won’t be able to unlock seasonal boosts faster through purchases – there’s no way to unlock more boosts or unlock existing ones sooner by spending money.”

‘Diablo IV’ as a game as a service


‘Diablo IV’ will be based on seasons and in restarting them. They are the same as those of ‘Devil III‘, in the sense that all the characters from the previous season are transferred to the eternal realm, where they can continue playing, leveling up and getting loot. If we want to play the new season, we have to create a character from scratch. That way, all players start at the same level.

Activision Blizzard is going strong with this system: According to Joe Piepiora, Deputy Game Director, “we are in a position to offer every quarter an update with the level of quality that this fantastic game deserves.” Come on, four seasons a year.


According to the company, “each season will include a new gameplay feature and a new quest chain that will present new challenges, mysteries, and possibilities for the level-up experience.” In this way, new characters can be introduced or some already known characters can be recovered with each season.

In order to improve, they assure from Activision Blizzard, the feedback of the players and will review some metagame mechanics, such as unique and legendary items, glyphs, etc. That’s the company’s way of keeping the game fresh and constantly evolving.


Another addition will be the live events, which are temporary events available each season. We can think of an invasion of a territory that lasts for a weekend or a hidden NPC that gives us a mission with succulent loot. The idea is that the world feels alive, but let’s see how it goes.

All this will be reflected in the seasonal diary, which returns in this installment. This diary will be free for everyone and will have chapters that must be completed to progress through it. It’s like a kind of battle pass, but a little harder, with final bosses, missions, etc.

seasonal diary

No release date, for now

Although Activision Blizzard is warming up for its new game, the truth is that it does not yet have a release date. What we do know is that It will be out sometime in 2023 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5..

It is no secret that, despite the good economic performance of ‘Immortal Devil’, the last installment of the saga has…

It is no secret that, despite the good economic performance of ‘Immortal Devil’, the last installment of the saga has…

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