Design and innovation, Samsung’s two bets in 2022 for its range of smart appliances Bespoke

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Last year we saw how Samsung brought its line of Bespoke appliances to Europe, a brand associated with the South Korean firm focused on unifying innovation and design in the home. Samsung integrates Bespoke products through its SmartThings ecosystem, the main engine to offer the public a smart and connected experience.

Samsung is committed to design and innovation with its new range of Bespoke appliances for 2022: this is how the line looks

Samsung has presented from new multi-color refrigerators, to ovens, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and other products focused on innovate at home and especially in the kitchen. The firm has been able to show us all this as part of EuroCucina 2022, an international event in which numerous brands participate and which is being held right now at the Salone del Mobile, Milan. We have been able to attend and try some of their products.

Samsung’s new Bespoke line for 2022

The Korean firm is focusing this year on three concepts for this new line of products: space expansion, an improved experience, and a longer life cycle. In addition, here Samsung once again relies on its precious SmartThings ecosystem, with the aim of offering us an uninterrupted experience and from any device.

Within the “expansion” section, Bespoke has expanded its line of appliances with new colors, updated features and custom finishes to add a personal touch to the product. In this aspect, Samsung has shown for the European market its new Bespoke kitchen range, as well as Bespoke IA washers and dryers.

Bespoke AI ovens with double cooking functions

oven 1

Bespoke ovens also provide connected features through the SmartThings app, as well as technology AI Pro Cooking, which recognizes the ingredients and optimizes the cooking settings accordingly, also supervising so that the food does not overdo or remain undercooked. In addition, they offer the function Dual Cook Steamwhich allows users to prepare both steamed and baked foods using different settings at the same time. In this way, we can, for example, cook fish while heating bread, both in different compartments.

oven 2

Bespoke AI washers and dryers with smart features

Washers and dryers have also been seen at the event. With regard to the latter, they have their system AI Optimal Drya technology that continuously monitors the water content through its sensor. In this way, we can achieve the drying of garments from the algorithm that is intelligently optimized. This also automatically controls the cycle time and temperature to protect clothes from overheating. Along with this, the dryers have the function smart-dialwhich personalizes the laundry by recognizing the user’s most frequent washing and drying settings.

Washer dryer

Samsung Bespoke Washer and Dryer

through the technologies super speed washer Y Super Speed ​​DryBespoke IA washers and dryers can get clothes washed, dried, and ready in as little as an hour. All this is accompanied in addition to technologies for saving energy and ecological functions of Samsung such as AI Ecobubble Y AI Wash SpaceMax.

What to consider before buying a refrigerator

New Bespoke AI 2022 refrigerators

The new Bespoke refrigerators have been the central core of this brand, being the protagonists in the innovative design part of Samsung. These include a multitude of compartments to keep food, as well as the system Metal Cooling that counteracts the loss of freshness and energy when opened.

refrigerator 3

Samsung Bespoke AI Refrigerator

The specialized compartments to keep fruit, vegetables and meat offer optimization systems for humidity and temperature, which can be easily modified by the user. Its most advanced range also has a double layer door to access the special compartment for drinks and water supply.

fridge 1

refrigerator 2

refrigerator 4

The most premium range of Bespoke refrigerators also offer a touch panel on the outside to manage the food inside. In this way, through a camera system we can see the interior of the refrigerator without having to open it, updating every few seconds to know what we have inside. This is more useful if we use the SmartThings ecosystem through our mobile device, since it allows us to see the interior of the refrigerator through its cameras and from the mobile to know what we are missing when we are making the purchase.

refrigerator 5

Samsung Bespoke AI Refrigerator with Touch Panel

The cameras also have a recognition system that detects food and sends a warning to the user to warn when a drink, ingredient, or food is about to run out. In the future, Samsung could work with local suppliers and online stores such as Amazon to replenish groceries when the system automatically detects that we are out of stock.

Bespoke embracing design as a differentiating factor

That the event is organized in Milan is no coincidence. And it is that in the city Milan Design Week is celebrated, a whole design fair that takes place throughout the city, where many brands and manufacturers show off all kinds of designs on their products throughout Milan, with the help of renowned artists. In the case of Samsung, artists such as Thibaud Hérem, Andy Rementer and Alex Proba have had the opportunity to participate, creators of the designs that can be found on the panels of the new Bespoke refrigerators.


It is in fact in the new range of Bespoke fridges that Samsung’s greatest efforts at innovative design can be found. In the Korean market, from 2021, more than 250 colors can be found on the panels of its refrigerators. Even on their website they have a system to analyze the interior from a photograph and choose the color that can most convince us through AI. This technology is not yet available for the European market, nor do we know the number of colors that will come to the panels in Spain, although the manufacturer has hinted that availability will be more limited than in Korea.

Other products within the Samsung family

At the Samsung stand we have also been able to see and test some of the products that the firm has on its starting grid. Some of them will not reach the European market, although Samsung is aware of the interest they generate.

Air Purifier

One of the most notable has been your next air purifiera revision that the firm currently has and that takes inspiration from its Lifestyle TV’s at the design level.


Wine Cellars And Compartments

Others that we have been able to see at the fair are its exclusive wine cellars and special compartments to disinfect and sterilize clothes, as well as air conditioners and microwaves with very interesting designs.



Sustainability throughout the life cycle

Samsung has also wanted to insist on its commitment to sustainability, indicating that its products have been designed considering a sustainable life cycle from start to finish. The company makes efforts to minimize the residual impact generated in the factories, also recycling all kinds of materials. The vast majority of its products in this line also offer ecological packaging that users can reuse at home.

According to the company, they have managed to reduce the energy consumption of their refrigerators by 67% from 2000 to 2020, in addition to 57% for washing machines from 2011 to 2020. In the case of Bespoke refrigerators, the user you can also choose to change the design of your modules before considering buying another one.

Price and availability

Although no specific dates have been discussed, Samsung’s Bespoke range of home appliances is expected to land in Europe. between the second half of 2022 and the end of the year. It seems that we will have to wait for the company to confirm when we can enjoy all these products in Spain.

The same goes for prices. And it is that until Samsung does not confirm these later, we will have to continue waiting for more news about it.

Last year we saw how Samsung brought its line of Bespoke appliances to Europe, a brand associated with the South…

Last year we saw how Samsung brought its line of Bespoke appliances to Europe, a brand associated with the South…

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