Consumer Reports has already chosen the best cars of the year. They all have one thing in common: they are Japanese.

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One more year, Consumer Reports point us out again what are the best brands in the world. The report, based on the reliability of the models tested by consumers themselves, is one of the benchmarks in the automotive sector.

Consumer Reports is an independent association of consumers in the United States. However, due to the volume of samples in their reports, many take it as a reference of the moment each brand is experiencing in the sector, taking into account the ups and downs they experience each year.

To establish which are the best and the worst brands of the moment, the consumer association takes into account their own test drives and the marks the vehicles get in safety tests. But they also attend to the data reported by the users themselves. customers of each brandwhere they value the mechanical reliability of each vehicle or customer satisfaction through the answers they offer.

With all these data, an average is made that can reach a score of 100 points at its highest score. In the latest report, 32 firms have been evaluated for which there is sufficient data to be valued, since a brand needs to have at least two models that have passed through the hands of Consumer Reports experts in order to be part of the report. This year, Fiat, Maserati, Polestar and RAM have not met this requirement.

The best car brands, according to Consumer Reports

This year, the brand that has obtained the best general data has been Subaru. The japanese companies They tend to repeat in the highest positions and this time they have managed to overtake Mazda, which until this last report was the leader of the table.

In Consumer Reports, Tesla stands out on the negative side, losing seven positions and falling to position number 22, punished especially by consumers, who have reported serious handling problems with the latest version of its steering wheel, installed in the latest Model S and Model X.

Between the top ten signatures, Japanese firms send again. To Subaru (81 points) and Mazda (78 points) must be added Honda, in fourth position with 77 points, Toyota (eighth firm with 74 points) and Infinity (ninth with 72 points).

The brands have proposed to end the dealers.  And they have a weapon: the electric car

The rest of the top ten positions are shared by BMW, tied on points with Mazda, Audi (fifth with 75 points) and Porsche (sixth with 74 points). Only Mini, although belonging to the BMW Group, and Buick manage to sneak into the top ten brands of the moment without being Japanese or German.

On the negative side, in addition to Tesla, we do not find Volvo until the 19th position and Mercedes until the 24th. As has happened on other occasions with these Consumer Reports reports, generally the bad results of these premium brands are usually due to their great technological load, which causes failures that are difficult to diagnose or hinder the work of drivers, who get lost in their menus.

One more year, Consumer Reports point us out again what are the best brands in the world. The report, based…

One more year, Consumer Reports point us out again what are the best brands in the world. The report, based…

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