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Buying a television is never an easy decision, and it’s not even better when you have a specific model in mind, because there are different models with different features. We, today we are going to talk about two televisions from the manufacturer TCL, so you can know which of them best suits your needs.

Specifically, we are going to focus on the TCL 55C635 and 55C735 models, two excellent 55-inch televisions with many similarities to each other, but also some key differences. The comparison is in video format in this article, but in text we will also summarize some key aspects.

Comparison between TCL C635 and C735

Both TVs have similar specs, such as a 55-inch panel design and ultra-thin bezels. The logo is on the chin, and below the power LED and the infrared sensor for the controller. Onkyo is the brand in charge of its speakers in both cases.

Both image and sound quality are excellent in both cases, especially considering its price range. The panels are about 55-inch QLED and 4K resolution with HDR + and Dolby Vision technology. The operating system in both is Android TV, and their controls are similar.

Regarding the differences between both models the C635 has a couple of kilos more in price and a single USB port, while its bigger sister weighs. In ports, the C735 has only one USB, while the C635 has two, as well as one more HDMI than its sister with a total of four. Of course, all the HDMI of both are 2.1, the latest technology and the best for next-generation consoles.

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And precisely the gamers are the ones who will notice one of the main differences, because the C635 has a 60Hz panel, although you can lower the resolution to 1080p to raise the refresh rate to 120 Hz. This is ideal for next-generation consoles or computers capable of reaching this rate. While, the C735 is capable of reaching 120Hz in 4Kand increase them to 144 with the variable refresh rate that both have.

Also with gaming in mind, both TVs have a low latency mode. The C635 drops it to 15ms, and the C735 drops it to 6 seconds latency. The latter features AMD FreeSync and the TCL Game Toolbar, which gives you many options to configure the TV experience when gaming.

Finally, there are also other small differences that only a few are going to notice, like the better processor of the C735 that makes it a bit faster. Although you will only realize this if you use both at the same time.

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Therefore, when buying a television it all depends on what you want it for. The C735 is the best option for gamers, with a price of 699 euros. Meanwhile, if you don’t give much importance to games, the best option may be the C635, which is priced at 599. In both cases, they are very similar TVs in image quality, they only have the small differences that we have mentioned.

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Buying a television is never an easy decision, and it’s not even better when you have a specific model in…

Buying a television is never an easy decision, and it’s not even better when you have a specific model in…

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