Citroën believes that you don’t need a car with a thousand screens and applications, but a cheap car. and you already have one

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The Citroën Ami is one of the most particular cars out there. Thought by and for micromobility, it is designed with solutions that are, to say the least, curious. One of them, make yourself your own infotainment system. And it makes perfect sense.

Yes but no. We talk about the Citroën Ami as an electric and urban car but, in reality, we should talk about a light quadricycle. In other words, anyone over 15 years of age with an AM card can drive it, which is why there are significant restrictions on its use.

The most important is that it cannot be used on highways or expressways. In large cities like Madrid you cannot use the radial ring roads and, therefore, their use is restricted purely to wandering around. In addition, it is limited to 45 km/h, which would prevent it from being used on fast roads.

Cheap. Very cheap. The Citroën Ami is conceived as a car that costs the brand and the buyer as little as possible. To the brand because manufacturing it is simple and extremely cheap. In fact, if we were to split the car in two, it would be exactly from the front than from the rear, except for the color of the headlights and that the left door is “suicide” and opens backwards.

This affects its final price. Right now you can buy one €8,190 who can be deducted up to 1,600 euros in aid with the Moves III Plan. It is ideal for delivery companies or for people who make very short trips and prefer to go by car than by motorcycle, as it provides them with greater security.

In fact, one of its target audiences, as they confirmed to us during the presentation of the Citroën My Ami Buggy, are the elderly who live near the coast and, because they have reduced mobility, are looking for a small vehicle with which to get to the beach or the nearest supermarket.

Spartan. But the fact that the car is cheap undoubtedly affects its options and extras. The Citroën Ami lacks any kind of radio or infotainment system. Because it lacks, it lacks even some padding on the seats that would make it a little more comfortable but also heavier and, above all, expensive.

I make it up. Lacking your own infotainment system does not mean that we should give it up. We’ve already seen how people use their iPads and other large tablets to create their own space to control incoming calls and music.

Citroën has picked up the idea and with our mobile phone they want us to do the same. The little quad features a small charging dock where you can rest your phone and charge it with a nearby USB. Enough to control the functions that we want as with a traditional support that the DGT already monitors.

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My Ami Play. As there is no basis to support Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, the firm has designed an application that does its job. In it we can find direct access to our browser, the contacts that we mark as favorites or the radio.

The application is accompanied by a button that connects to the mobile phone via Bluetooth and that can be installed wherever we most want: on the right side of the steering wheel, the left or the dashboard. With one press, it performs the functions of a “Home” button or answers the incoming call. With two presses you access the radio and, finally, with two long presses you access voice control.

An original and simple solution that increases the possibilities of the small vehicle and that can be really interesting for delivery people, who can spend more hours behind the wheel.

The Citroën Ami is one of the most particular cars out there. Thought by and for micromobility, it is designed…

The Citroën Ami is one of the most particular cars out there. Thought by and for micromobility, it is designed…

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