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The streets and highways of Ukraine are turning into complete chaos, and not only because of the fighting and shelling, but also because road signs across the country are disappearing as Russian troops advance. They are not destroyed by missiles or bullets, but Ukrainians themselves with what they have at handinstigated by their national trafficking agency, in order to confuse the invaders and slow your progress.

Ukravtodor, the Ukrainian DGT, has been instigating Ukrainian citizens and local governments for several days to destroy or change traffic signs from your official Facebook accountand their own workers, as far as they can, alter these landmarks to confuse the enemy or transmit propaganda messages with the aim of demoralizing the invading troops.

“Ukravtodor calls on all road organizations, territorial communities and local governments to immediately start dismantling the traffic signals nearby. The enemy has poor communications, he cannot navigate well in our territorylet’s help him go straight to hell,” read a Facebook post from the Ukrainian traffic agency.

Among the actions that Ukravtodor has carried out on its own is the replacement of a road direction sign, those with a blue background like the ones we can find on any road in Spain, with a similar panel in which the arrows, instead of being accompanied by the names of cities and towns, they indicate the invaders: “Fuck off”, “Fuck off again” and “Fuck off back to Russia”. The Ukrainian translations have been obtained from a Reuters report.


Others have been replaced by threats such as “surrender immediately or you will die” and no-entry signs with Vladimir Putin’s face in the background. Ukravtodor has also appealed to all roadside billboard owners to iprint and post messages against the enemy how are they doing

Similarly, the traffic agency encourages Ukrainians to block the streets and highways with any resources at their disposal, such as trees, makeshift barricades or burning tires: “If you see or know that the enemy is going to pass your way, then! block them with any means available! Use whatever you have on hand! The occupant must understand that he is not welcome and that we will resist on every street, on every highway.. May he be afraid even to look in the direction of our cities!”

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fight the fifth column

On the other hand, Ukravtodor is also trying to get the collaboration of Ukrainian citizens to combat the action of infiltrated Russian agents who are marking roads and buildings to guide Russian troops on the ground as they go. The Russian traffic agency has shown some of these marks found on the asphalt, which can be crosses, circles or squares of different types.

Ukravtodor explains in a Facebook post that citizens, once they locate these signs, should notify the authorities immediately. The way to communicate via a police bot to which the person has to send a photograph of the brand and add a geolocation tag. Likewise, it also encourages reporting people who are suspected of having done them.

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One of the signs that the Ukrainian traffic agency attributes to infiltrated Russian agents.

Once the presence of the sign has been denounced, Ukravtodor asks citizens to remove it in any way possible, stressing that applying paint on them is not effective, since with the right lighting they can still be seen. For this reason, they suggest that they be crushed, in the case of being stickers, or that they be cover with resin or earth if they are painted on any surface.

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The streets and highways of Ukraine are turning into complete chaos, and not only because of the fighting and shelling,…

The streets and highways of Ukraine are turning into complete chaos, and not only because of the fighting and shelling,…

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