Capcom revolutionizes its star fighting franchise with ‘Street Fighter 6’, and risks being atrophied by excess

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Absolutely overwhelming has been the video of ‘Street Fighter 6’ that Capcom has shown in its presentation for the Tokyo Game Show. Traditional one-on-one fighting is just one more item in a long menu of options that may not appeal to those who want their combat games to be concise and to the point. These are some of the novelties that the company has presented.

Three modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour and Battle Hub.

The first of these is the fight of a lifetime. World Tour will be the virtual world in which the player’s personalized avatar will move: there he will be able to learn new techniques from masters who will, of course, be the classic characters of the game. We are in Metro City (the city of ‘Final Fight’, and in fact, we have seen a fight in an alley where we thought we saw wild Andors) and to explore its streets the skills learned will come in handy, as well as to defeat others real players who challenge us. Battle Hub, finally, is a kind of giant arcade that serves as a hub for online combat.

old acquaintances

Capcom has presented four classic characters that are reinvented for this new installment: the yoga teacher Dhalsim, the sumo wrestler E. Honda, the jungle creature Blanka -with a new suit and some electric creatures that he can use as projectiles-, and Ken, who has also undergone a total change in appearance, although he retains each and every one of his traditional attacks.

Extreme Fights

This mode allows you to customize the conditions and obstacles that appear in combat. From the traditional fight to three or five rounds to all kinds of obstacles that will appear during the combat, such as huge electrical and explosive spheres or brave bulls that will have to be avoided.

real-time announcers

Capcom has included this feature inherited from other sports games and obviously inspired by the strong e-sports scene. He has introduced a couple of announcers for Japan, but has already announced that there will be from all over the world. Do we bet on an entire Ibai to announce in Spanish?

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Personalization system.

The avatar creator uses technology from other Capcom titles and allows you to fully customize our fighters, with all kinds of facial and body features, complexion, weight and many other characteristics. Of course, there will be clothes and accessories in the store, which we can buy with what we earn in the world.

classic games

In the Battle Hub there will be the possibility to play different classic Capcom machines. At the moment the list has not been revealed, but among those that have been seen are ‘Super Street Fighter II Turbo’, ‘Final Fight’ and ‘Magic Sword’.

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Beta closed

There is already a date for a closed beta in which you can register through the official page of the game. It will take place between October 7 and 10, there will be cross play between Playstation 5, Xbox Series and Steam and will include all the modes featured in the trailer, including the World tour.

and the doubts

It is worth questioning if Capcom has not loaded too much ink in a series of details that, in the end, are completely accessories, because the combat part is already demanding and complete enough to satisfy the players. The idea is, obviously, to attract other types of users who aren’t willing to invest all the time and effort it takes to become a top-tier ‘Street Fighter’ player, and convince them with the “social” candy: pachangas, personalization, exploration.

As the previous masterful games were, exercises in thematic and aesthetic conciseness… could Capcom have slipped with its intention of bringing the franchise closer to all audiences? We will know in 2023.

Absolutely overwhelming has been the video of ‘Street Fighter 6’ that Capcom has shown in its presentation for the Tokyo…

Absolutely overwhelming has been the video of ‘Street Fighter 6’ that Capcom has shown in its presentation for the Tokyo…

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