‘Black Crab’, ‘DMZ’, ‘Stranger of Paradise’ and much more

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This weekend the war shows us its crudest face with two post-apocalyptic fictions of considerable realism: ‘Black Crab’ and ‘DMZ’. But if you have enough with everyday wars, we also bring a good dose of escapism: animated movies, fantasy video games and many more plans and plans to spend a leisurely weekend quality.

‘The bad guys’

The new animated film from Dreamworks is arousing glowing praise, and the truth is that its starting point (based on a popular series of children’s books, which receives the amazing title of ‘The Big Animals’) is very funny: five famous criminal-animals try to behave, even if it goes against their nature.

‘Black Crab’

An intense and icy twist on the doomsday movies, Noomi Rapace stars as a soldier on a suicide mission. Taking advantage of the fact that the sea around the area of ​​Sweden in which they are located has frozen, has to transport a secret content package that can mean the end of the war. Betrayals, shootings and the promise of meeting her daughter again in a film that stands out for its impressive night scenes and the forcefulness of its action and its message.


More post-apocalypse with war roots in this miniseries that in four episodes adapts the prestigious Vertigo comic by Brian Wood and Riccardo Buchielli. We are in the months after a second civil war in the United States, which has split the country into two halves. The action takes place in Manhattan, now a demilitarized zone, in which a doctor (Rosario Dawson, filling the screen as usual) is looking for her son, from whom she separated when the conflict broke out.

‘Human Resources’

Spin-off of the successful ‘Big Mouth’, where we will meet more about the nature and occupations of the monsters in that award-winning and unclassifiable series. We are facing a rare version for adults of ‘Monsters SA’, with a complex office full of subdivisions and to which the invisible demons come to work who are in charge of managing our most intimate drives.

‘Feels Good Man’

The story of the Frog Pepe is one of the most exciting tests of the limits that the internet can only cross “for the loles”. a comic character underground and completely innocent became, thanks to the abysses of internet forums, a symbol of Trump and the alt-right North American. This documentary tells the story from the perspective of Matt Furie, creator of the character, and how he had to execute him to end the madness memetics

After years of trying, Netflix has finally found the key to apocalyptic cinema: 'Black Crab'

‘Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’

His proposal to mix the ‘Final Fantasy’ franchise and the mechanics of ‘Nier’ and the ‘Souls’ has drawn attention, but the press does not agree: Extravagance for less demanding palates or one of the action games of the year? Based on plot elements from the first ‘Final Fantasy’ and taking elements of its mechanics, such as jobs, Team Ninja proposes a shameless story of incessant action, tough and stubborn like it alone. To have an opinion, you will have to try.

  • Available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ and ‘GTA Online’

At this point, Rockstar’s ‘GTA’s need few introductions. This week they have landed in the versions for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X and S, with which we are all, if we add PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Few novelties (the most critical say that really few) for a game and its online version that continue to be understood as one of the tops of the medium. In fact, the base of the remaster is the one that was already made for the previous generation of consoles, which was a notable technical leap, but who is bitter about a sweet and who cares about going back to Los Santos.

  • Available for PS5, Xbox X/S, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC


A small indie wonder that has landed on PC and Microsoft consoles (and on Game Pass, of course) and that is the real surprise of the week: a very cute visual replica of the nintendo ‘Zelda’ with isometric perspective and that, in the purest eighties style, plant a wall of enigmas before the player who laughs at the ‘Souls’. With almost no clues, the player will have to learn the mechanics by trial and error, in a challenging but unique journey that has taken its creator five years to develop.

  • Available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series

‘In Sound Mind’ free on the Epic Store

And the real crazy thing of the week is the free game from the Epic Games Store, which as usual you can claim and keep forever in your account. Is about a graphic adventure of horror and puzzles, with hallucinogenic aesthetics and a strong musical component. With a first-person perspective, the player wakes up in a nightmarish place where everything begins to come to life, and will have to navigate through traps and clues to find a way out.

'Stranger of Paradise' is the most controversial 'Final Fantasy' in history: nobody knows if it should be taken seriously

‘Gamish: A Graphic History of Video Games’ (Edward Ross)


From the prototypes of the fifties to the most advanced technological developments. This delightful and accessible comic reviews all of video game history: its milestones, its failures and its big names, the hardware, the sagas and each of its memorable moments. A perfect gateway to a world that continues to evolve.

Gamish: A Graphic History of Video Games (Reservoir Gráfica)

Gamish: A Graphic History of Video Games (Reservoir Gráfica)

‘Moomin – Vol. 1’ (Tove Jansson)


Perhaps the best children’s comic of all time? Perhaps yes, but there is no doubt that this wonder that is now beginning to be published in its entirety in Spanish is just as captivating for adult readers: its small doses of political and social reflection, its very modern, almost avant-garde graphics, its universal humor and stories… a true classic that will make you not want to return from the distant and hypnotic Valley of the Moomins.

Moomin.  The Complete Collection of Tove Jansson Comics.  Volume 1 (Salamander Graphic Kids)

Moomin. The Complete Collection of Tove Jansson Comics. Volume 1 (Salamander Graphic Kids)

‘Monsters of the Market: Zombies, Vampires and Global Capitalism’ (David McNally)


The bully book of the week is this essay by David McNally that uses the most lurid (but true) myths to make a critique of capitalism that we could define as belonging to a truculent red current called “Gothic Marxism”. From the robbery and sale of corpses during the Modern Age to the African legends that speak of zombie-slaves. Wild humor and a deep understanding of the myths that shape us and populate our nightmares for a book to have fun, think and tremble.

Monsters of the Market: Zombies, Vampires, and Global Capitalism: 1 (Antipersona)

Monsters of the Market: Zombies, Vampires, and Global Capitalism: 1 (Antipersona)

‘The verbena of the diplodocus’ (Enrique Dueñas)


As the popular zarzuela says, “Where are you going with a manila shawl, scales and a forked tongue?” This mixture of ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Dawn is not little’ adds to our national history the only thing that was missing to finish being a deformed mirror of the Big Bang: dinosaurs. In Spain at the beginning of the last century, a young writer is obsessed with the idea of ​​publishing a zarzuela. But in that Spain there are dinosaurs, something that everyone seems to accept with the best of smiles.



This weekend the war shows us its crudest face with two post-apocalyptic fictions of considerable realism: ‘Black Crab’ and ‘DMZ’.…

This weekend the war shows us its crudest face with two post-apocalyptic fictions of considerable realism: ‘Black Crab’ and ‘DMZ’.…

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