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A few weeks ago I was gossiping the applications of the App Store ranking in search of some hidden gem. Suddenly I saw an application that I didn’t even know: BeReal. I downloaded it instinctively, to try, and as soon as I realized that this was not the gem I was looking for, I deleted it. However, a buzz was happening in the following weeks, especially as more tweets and articles were found about her.

This application is a social network that, unlike others that passed through our lives in an ephemeral way, such as peach (ha!), is making noise in a slightly sustained way, which in the age of TikTok and Instagram, is already a lot. What makes it different is that it seeks authenticity: only allows posting a photo once a day when you send a notification at a random time. Upon receiving it, we have two minutes to post what’s around us with both the front and rear cameras, and view the photos our friends have posted. You can’t edit the photos or dive into the old ones. It is the here and now, without filters (literally).

honesty and dependency

BeReal follows the action-reaction principle, it is the return of the pendulum. After years exposed to the architecture of Instagram, which forced us into a presumptuous imposture that led to prosaic if not ridiculous content, BeReal wants to be the honest social network. His name could not be more informative. Because it does not have, it does not have any popularity indicators in the profiles: no sums of likes no follower figures in sight.

BeReal is a social network for those who want to take a break from social networks without losing community connections, and ensuring a patina of authenticity. The one that promises an architecture that we can’t sneak into. It even has a method. anti-lurkers: it only lets you see other people’s content if you have previously uploaded some.

An eternally unfocused generation: "I can't do anything for more than fifteen minutes without looking at my phone"

As a window to the lives of others, to their daily lives, not to special moments. Where the skies are normal, not saturated or with artificial clouds. Our faces show gray hair, crow’s feet and gray hair; not a flawless AI complexion. At TikTok we try to make you laugh and seem aspirational. On Instagram we show the closest thing to what we would like to be. Events that also accentuate the idea of a less social Internet and more focused on content.

In the less pleasant balance, the authenticity promoted by BeReal is linked to a greater dependence on the mobile. Not being able to upload what we want when we want, but rather something freshly done when an algorithm orders it, means blowing away the innovations of recent years in terms of digital detoxification, such as the operating system tools or the apps themselves that dealt to help keep the hitch from getting out of hand. How could we tell BeReal that at certain time intervals we do not want to be able to open it if the possibility of having a presence in it lies in the randomness of its stopcock?

Bereal Good

We even see the countdown to upload something before it’s too late, a gamification worthy of those who have been in this for years to accentuate the habit of using it. Like the hitting streak in Wordle. To soften the criticism, I will say that Twitter, a hard drug, achieves the same results without the need for these tricks.

In what we see if BeReal ends up being another successful Snapchat or a new and disastrous Clubhouse —the road to hell is paved with good intentions—, we talludites will look at the sky and see the Tuenti logo blurred among the clouds, perhaps as a test of Rorschach.

Like the fifty-year-olds who today pass in front of the craters that were once nightclubs from the golden age of the Ruta del Bakalao and yearn for a past that will never return. Perhaps BeReal will be able to recover the extreme authenticity of the Tuenti era, but he will never be able to free us from the mobile by his own law.

A few weeks ago I was gossiping the applications of the App Store ranking in search of some hidden gem.…

A few weeks ago I was gossiping the applications of the App Store ranking in search of some hidden gem.…

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