We have known for some time that Electronic Arts was working on porting ‘Apex Legends’, its popular Battle Royale, to mobiles. And it’s been a while, but finally we have an exact arrival date for ‘Apex Legends Mobile‘: May 17, or what is the same, next week.

It should be noted that, unlike what happens in other games of the genre, such as ‘Fortnite’ (which has now returned to mobile phones via the cloud), ‘Apex Legends’ will be an independent experienceergo no cross-play with PC and console players.

Run fast, hit fast, win fast

‘Apex Legends’ is a successful title, one of the latest hits from Electronic Arts, although the original game was developed by Respawn (‘Titanfall’). For the mobile version, EA has worked together with Lightspeed & Quantum Studios (whose parent is Tencent).

As stated by EA in the statement, the game has been developed from the ground up with an eye on mobile gaming. In the words of the firm, “there are new legends, maps, game modes, progression and live events designed for mobile.”

As far as performance is concerned, the game is a relatively affordable title, although it surely appreciates having the power of a high-end or mid-high-end terminal. The minimum requirements are the following:




Snapdragon 435

Kirin 650

MediaTek Helio P20

exynos 7420

Apple A9

so version

Android 6.0 or higher

iOS 11.0 or higher

Available space




2GB or more

2GB or more

As stated above, the game will be released worldwide on may 17th. it will be a game free to play, like the original version, so it is probably financed through microtransactions. Those interested can pre-register for the game from google play Y app store.

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