‘Batgirl’ was already shot and almost ready to premiere on HBO Max. It will not be seen there, nor anywhere else

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Warner Bros. promised them very happy with ‘batgirl‘, a film that was going to be part of the DC Extended Universe and in which he had invested 90 million dollars.

Its premiere was going to be produced directly on HBO Max, but despite that investment and the fact that the film had already been shot —it was now in post-production—, the production company has decided to cancel its premiere. as they indicate in Varietywill not be seen on HBO Max or anywhere else, an unusual decision.

90 million dollars in the trash

The film stars Leslie Gracewhich embodies Barbara Gordon (Batgirl’s secret identity) and is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah—from ‘Bad Boys for Life‘ and ‘Ms. Marvel’—. Also featured in the film JK Simmons, Michael Keaton or Brendan Fraser.

After giving the go-ahead in 2021 to enrich the HBO Max catalog, the production company has decided that the streaming platform will not release that movie. The decision does not even have to do with the quality of the film, since some preliminary test passes had already been made.

What is surprising is not only that: it is that ‘Batgirl’ will apparently be forgotten despite being almost ready to premiere. Neither will it on HBO Max nor will it do so in theaters.

The reason? taxes

Warner Bros. seems not to want to try to recover even part of the investment, and in Variety they initially indicated that Warner Bros wanted the premieres of that DC Extended Universe they had all the scale of a blockbuster. The initial idea of ​​being able to make parallel content for platforms like HBO Max was not valid.

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However, a new report from Variety reveals that the reason for canceling it have been the taxes.

In 2021, Warner Bros. was directed by Jason Kilar and Ann Sarnoff, and both decided that to promote HBO Max, the production company’s releases would be produced simultaneously in theaters and on the streaming platform. However, this spring the tables turned: David Zaslav took the controls and turned that previous decision around: movies would hit theaters first and then HBO Max.

‘Batgirl’ was right in the middle of that strategic chaos. As they indicate in a new report in Variety, it was not big enough for a theatrical release or small enough to make economic sense in the scenario of cuts that has been experienced in recent months.

A new investment would have to be made to bring its premiere to theaters – between 30 and 50 million dollars of marketing, experts say – and that would mean doubling the cost of a production that had already exceeded the spending forecasts.

Warner Bros. promised them very happy with ‘batgirl‘, a film that was going to be part of the DC Extended…

Warner Bros. promised them very happy with ‘batgirl‘, a film that was going to be part of the DC Extended…

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