Autonomous driving has been a pain for Tesla. But he is already giving him prizes in security

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Euro NCAP has published a new round of assessments in its security exams for vehicles that are available on the European market. Among them, the Tesla Model Y, one of the electric vehicles that, in its basic version, began marketing a few days ago.

In addition to Tesla, Euro NCAP It has also recently examined Great Wall’s ORA Funky Cat and WEY Coffe 01 (plug-in hybrid), Chinese models that are also taking their first steps on the European market. Models that have also been placed with five stars but with worse results.

Tesla Model Y, among the best

The news is not that Tesla has achieved the five stars in the Euro NCAP safety test (which too), but its results have been surprisingly good. In fact, it receives the highest score of the year in two of the four categories in which the exams are divided and comes second in another of them.

Whether all vehicles are included or only electric vehicles are included in the comparison, the Tesla Model Y has the best results of the year.

  • Driving assistance: 98%
  • Adult occupant: 97%
  • Child occupant: 87%
  • Vulnerable road users: 82%

In adult protection, of the 38 possible points, the Tesla Model Y achieved a rating of 36.8 points. Only the protection of the driver’s torso in frontal and side crashes deserves some improvement according to the EuroNCAP examiners. The next closest car to these ratings is the volkswagen polo and receive 94% of the possible points.

The child occupant also receives a good general assessment and if it has fallen short of excellence it is because it lacks Isofix and i-Size hooks in the front passenger seat and in the central area of ​​the second row. It also does not count in any of the two rows with integrated CRS. In this section, Mercedes vans (93%) are the ones that have received the best score this year, being the only vehicles that have exceeded the 90% barrier.

For a pedestrian, coming across a Tesla Model Y is also good news. In this section only the Lexus NX receives the best rating (83%) and, together with Mercedes C-Classare the only cars that reach or exceed the barrier of 80% protection for the pedestrian.

Finally, good news for Tesla driver assistance. Although its Autopilot has been questioned on numerous occasions, the aids available in our market have raised it almost to perfection. Get 15.7 of the 16 available points and only the detection of other vehicles and the emergency braking is what prevents the Tesla Model Y from doing full.

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The latter is a section where the rest of the brands tend to lose points, since the cars are submitted to the Euro NCAP exams with the basic equipment and they need to pass another test with the specific equipment if they want to have an evaluation of it and, later, be able to use it as a marketing tool.

The Kia Niro, for example, has been submitted for testing with the series model and with which Euro NCAP calls “security package” going from 60% protection in this section to 79%. The same thing happens to the DS4 Crossback, going from 65% to the 82% in the driving assistance section and from four to five stars in general assessment.

Euro NCAP has published a new round of assessments in its security exams for vehicles that are available on the…

Euro NCAP has published a new round of assessments in its security exams for vehicles that are available on the…

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