It seems that the project of the European Union to adopt a single charger for smartphones and other electronic devices is starting to take effect at Apple. The Cupertino company, which had been very reluctant to this idea, is testing prototype iPhones with a USB-C port, according to Bloomberg.

The media also points out that anonymous sources said that Apple is preparing an adapter so that its future USB-C phones work with accessories designed for the Lightning proprietary connector, which has been present from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 13 of the present.

The iPhone could embrace the USB-C port

For now, there is no data that other Apple devices will port migrate. However, if the iPhone takes the first step, either because it must comply with future legislation or because of the need to unify connections, the company could extend USB-C to the rest of its products.

In fact, this is what the European Union wants. The unique charger proposal seeks that users do not need a new charger and cable, every time we buy new devices. Categories include mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headsets, handheld game consoles and portable speakers.

After the Bloomberg report, we see a change in Apple’s position, which in the past had ensured that the initiative would harm innovation and create a lot of waste if consumers were forced to change chargers. The European Parliament, for its part, remarked last April that the proposal is part of a larger effort to advance the sustainability of products.

One USB-C port to rule them all: the European Union approves the proposal for the single charger in mobile phones and other devices

So… when could the new iPhones with USB-C arrive? At the moment, rumors suggest that the iPhone 14 will release an improved Lightning port with higher transfer speed. As a consequence, the change could come with the smartphones of 2023although there is no data on this calendar.

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