An engineer decided one day to put the BMW aircraft engine in a car. the result was tremendous

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A week ago the automotive world had its eye on Goodwood, an annual festival that takes place in the United Kingdom and which brings together thousands of motor enthusiasts. The other eye was on the mythical climb to Pikes Peaka race that, in addition, this year celebrated its first centenary edition.

Both events have two common denominators: both appeal to motoring enthusiasts and in both you can see the most extravagant authentic clunkers. And among the craziest preparations that have been seen in recent years, the one kept by the Sinsheim Technical Museum (Germany).

Called BMW Brutus, this particular two-seater is the perfect metaphor of “once upon a time there was a car with a stuck engine”. Aircraft engine, specifically. Because the BMW Brutus is the dream come true of car and mechanical fanatics who decided to put a BMW aviation engine on four wheels. The result is, to say the least, striking.

Bmw Brutus

Give me more gasoline…

The Sinsheim Technical Museum it is very close to Stuttgart and is a must-see for those who want to see the strangest mechanical experiments they will see in their life. In addition to an extensive space dedicated to all kinds of machines, from locomotives to airplanes, through bicycles, motorcycles, sports cars, competition vehicles or agricultural machinery, this space also houses the BMW Brutus.

This peculiar racing vehicle consists of a chassis of unknown origin. In some places it is pointed out that it is of Fiat origin and in others that it is of Fiat origin. American LaFrance, mythical firm of American fire trucks. In fact, on the museum’s own page we can read that the base is “a chain drive chassis from 1907 (…), a transmission that was used for a long time by fire departments in the United States.” Be that as it may, the truth is that the chassis is of good quality, since it has to withstand a BMW aviation engine.

Because someone wondered one fine day what would happen if they put on a 46.92 liter V12 engine (yes, you read that right) to a chassis with four wheels. The propellant is of BMW origin and was used at the beginning of the 20th century in airplanes and in the Rail Zeppelin, a peculiar railway project. With its 750 hp, the two-seater is a real beast.

In fact, the difficulty lies in knowing how to drive this spectacular vehicle. Just starting it up is a challenge if you don’t want to burn up a clutch that you have to manage 750 hp at 1,700 rpm. At 800 rpm it already reaches 100 km/h. To accommodate such benefits, in motorpassion They collect that the engine measures 1.8 meters long, 1.1 meters high and 0.87 meters wide, to add a total of 500 kg of weight.

Regarding consumption, official information says that it needs two barrels of premium fuel per year. Each barrel of fuel holds 42 gallons (over 150 liters). The companions of Motorpasión collected that their consumption was, nothing more and nothing less, 100 liters / 100 kilometers. In other words, taking a single lap around the Montmeló circuit would mean spending more than four and a half liters of fuel. And that’s not counting the slopes.

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To get the most out of it, diarymotor say it is as easy to destroy the clutch as lose one of the wheels when exceeding 150 km/h. It is not surprising that, at the controls of it, only one person has tried to get all the benefits of this device. In fact, on the museum’s website you can read the following:

Roger Collings from Wales ran at 200km/h on the high-speed oval of the Bosch test track at Boxberg, with its two banked corners. Other than Roger, no one else has tried this.

Of course, these speeds are only possible when traveling in a straight line or on circuits with very banked curves. And it is that daring to take a curve with such a device is to say goodbye, immediately, to the asphalt and enter the unknown.

A week ago the automotive world had its eye on Goodwood, an annual festival that takes place in the United…

A week ago the automotive world had its eye on Goodwood, an annual festival that takes place in the United…

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