Polestar definitely lands in Spain. He does it with Polestar 2, a high-performance electric sedan that will be the firm’s first model in our country. The firm, owned by Geely and sister to Volvo, will offer a model in our country that is directly aimed at becoming a rival to the Tesla Model 3.

The Polestar 2 chooses to integrate Google into its operating system, offers unlimited network connectivity and OTA wireless updates with a highly technological car that can also be opened with a mobile phone.

Polestar 2 Technical Sheet

Polestar 2

Body type.

Five-seater sedan.

Measurements and weight.

4,606 mm long, 1,859 mm wide and 1,482 mm high. Wheelbase of 2,735 mm. Unspecified weight.


405 liters + 45 or 31 liters in the front boot depending on the version chosen.

Maximum power.

408 hp.

WLTP consumption.


Environmental badge.

Zero emissions.

Driving aids (ADAS).

Adaptive Cruise Control with Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Sensor, Cross Traffic Alert with Crash Mitigation, Rain Sensor, Adaptive LED Headlights and Side Parking Assist.


11-inch central screen in vertical layout and Android Automotive as the operating system. Compatible with Apple Car Play. 4 USB type C. e-SIM card with unlimited Internet connectivity. OTA updates. Opening with the mobile phone.

electric hybrid

Do not.

Plug-in hybrid.

Do not.


Yes, one or two electric motors with 67 kWh and 75 kWh useful batteries and ranges of 574 to 542 km.

Price and launch.

Now available, from €47,190.

Few electric saloons

For now, most manufacturers have opted for the electric suv as its starting point to enter this type of market for a regulatory and price issue. And Spain is not an exception. Those looking for an electric sedan outside the most luxurious vehicles, the options are limited to the Tesla Model 3 or the Kia EV6, without putting the latter electric within the group of sedans.

Technically, the Polestar 2 is an electric saloon at 4.61 meters long, making it slightly smaller than the Tesla Model 3 (4.69 meters) and the Kia EV6 (4.68 meters), with a trunk of 405 liters which increases by 41 liters in its single engine version and 35 liters in the two engine version. Aesthetically, it adopts a design language very similar to that of the Volvos, especially in the rear light clusters.

On a mechanical level, the Polestar 2 is offered with versions of one or two motors and larger or smaller batteries, which decisively affects their autonomy. In its most modest option, the electric sedan comes with a battery 69 kWh with 67 useful kWh and 170 kW (224 hp) motor. In this case the autonomy is 474 kilometers.

Above, two versions with a larger battery (total 78 kWh of which 75 kWh are usable). In this case, the version with a single engine increases its power slightly to 231 hp and autonomy reaches 542 kilometers. As a top-of-the-range version, the Polestar 2 mounts two engines (one per axle) that add up to a total power of 300 kW (408 hp). In this case the autonomy is limited to 482 km.

As for its load, it is carried out at a maximum power of 11 kW in alternating current or 116 kW in the case of the lower capacity battery. The higher options can reach a maximum power on load of up to 155kw.

Polestar 2 2020 1600 87

With Android Automotive

The Polestar 2 is one of the few vehicles that mount Android Automotive as standard. The electric includes two screens to house the infotainment system and the driver information screen that will act as the instrument panel.

The central one has a size of 11 inches in vertical arrangement and is based on the support of Google Android Automotive. This operating system can already be seen in the new Renault models such as the Mégane E-Tech or the Austral and allows simpler and more complete connectivity with Android phones, but also the “Hey, Google” voice functions, access to the Google Store app store or using Google Maps for the navigator.

The car software was in chaos.  Until Android Automotive arrived

In addition, as is usual in many of the cars that are launched on the market, with its own application it will be possible to check the status of the battery, its charge or monitor some functions of the vehicle. But, in addition, the mobile phone can be used as a key to access its interior.

As for the rest of the technological features, this Polestar 2 comes with two sockets usb type c for the front seats and two other sockets for the rear, wireless updates via OTA and e-SIM card with unlimited Internet connectivity. In addition, it will be compatible with Apple CarPlay starting this spring.

As for driving aids, the Polestar 2 incorporates adaptive cruise control with blind spot sensor and emergency braking, as well as cross traffic alert, with rear shock mitigation in the event of an accident. Among other comfort elements, it has a rain sensor and adaptive LED lights.

Polestar 2 2020 1600 58

Betting on digital

Despite having been in other markets since 2020, the Polestar 2 lands in our country now, in a market with very low competition if we talk about electric saloons and, in addition, with a starting price of €47,190 (VAT included) that allows you to receive aid from the Moves III Plan.

Polestar It has had a unique history. The origin of the brand dates back to 1996, when driver Jan Nilsson created it to compete with retouched versions of Volvos in the Swedish Touring Car Championship. Since then, it has been linked to the Swedish company, offering the sportiest versions of its models. In 2015 it was acquired by Volvo to be part of its structure as its luxury firm and in 2017 it was announced that they would only manufacture high-performance electric models.

The Polestar 2 has managed to sneak into the 10 cars best sellers in norwayin what is the fiercest market for electric vehicles, since it is the country where they are sold the most and that companies usually use to take the first steps in Europe, which usually serves as a thermometer.

But, in addition to advancing new electric Volvo engines, batteries or models, the brand is also working with the 100% digital mode that the Swedish firm wants to implement in the coming years. The Polestar 2 can only be ordered online (it is already available) and this process will be accompanied by two stores strategically located in Barcelona and Madrid. The latter hope to have it operational next June 2022. Whoever is interested in this Polestar 2 can now request a test drive.

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