An artificial intelligence has written and performed a Seinfeld monologue. the result is amazing

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just a few weeks ago Blake Lemone became one of the most well-known, commented, debated, applauded and reviled names in the technological arena. In true summer serpent style, his flash of fame was fleeting; but intense. If you don’t remember, I’ll bring you up to date: after chatting at length with a chatbot (LaMDA) Lemoine, a 41-year-old Google engineer, ended up convinced that artificial intelligence (AI) was gaining consciousness.

So sure was he of the peculiar sensitivity of LaMDA that the engineer came to pass on his impressions to his bosses at Google. In Mountain View they did not think the same, of course, and the case ended up unleashing a small ethical-philosophical-technological earthquake which soon went viral.

Lemoine’s claims about AI sensitivity are tremendous and uncorked rivers of ink that are still flowing and will probably flow for a long time. You can share their words. They may seem like bullshit. No matter. Apart from the most thorny reading of him, the indisputable thing is that the engineer’s attitude confirms that AI has reached heights unimaginable years ago.

The Comedy Club AI version

It is becoming more suggestive, more credible, it makes it more difficult for us when it comes to differentiating between reality and imitation or hunting deepfakes and every time, it also amazes more with demonstrations of something that looks so much like creativity that it is complicated. see it as “artificial”.

In Speaking of AIon YouTube, have wanted to demonstrate it in a more entertaining way than the brainy dialogues between Lemoine and LaMDA, at times worthy of the pages of The banquet of Plato. Its objective is not to convince of the supposed conscience of AI, but to show to what extent it is capable of creating pieces that until recently we believed to be the exclusive heritage of humans.

We had seen it in music, in painting, in journalism and in literature.

Politics has suffered.

DALL-E Mini reminded us of this recently.

And now we see it in the interpretation. Y in a field not easy: the humorous one.

I have asked the DALL-E Mini to show Steve Jobs eating an apple and I have just understood why this AI is essential

Making use of the language model Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) and tools Tacotron 2 Y WaveRNNthose responsible for Speaking of AI have managed to get the AI ​​to write and perform a short monologue with a voice that mimics that of the comedian Jerry Seinfield. “The results are surprisingly good!”, conclude its authors. The opinion is shared by the majority of users who comment on the video, who put the intonation as the only “but”.

Its authors explain that the person in charge of preparing the script was GPT-3, a tool that uses deep learning and it is capable of generating texts similar to those we write.

Don’t get me started on those “special” cat foods. The other day I saw one that was “for indoor cats.” What the hell is that? Are there now different foods for different types of cats? I’m not going to start giving my cat different foods depending on exactly where he is.

It’s always some kind of crazy new flavor, like “Tuna and Salmon Surprise!” or “Chicken and liver delight!”. I don’t need a new flavor of cat food every two weeks. Tell me what was wrong with the ancients! They were great. And why do they always try to trick us with these new flavors?

He then turned to deepfake to interpret it. To achieve the voice of the announcer, she used Tacotron 2 and WaveRNN, a neural network for generating audio. “If they edited it out with a little mic reverb and the laughter from the audience it would sound just like what Jerry would say. We’re past the point where AI deepfakes were fun and now they’re terrifying,” comments a user.

The monologue in question, of little more than a minute, talks about the TV commercials of cat food and leaves, in fairness, some pearls worthy of any actor of the comedy club.

Throughout the piece, the AI ​​also messes with advertising campaigns for pet food or the attempts of companies in the sector to constantly change their recipes.

“If you had someone listen to this and put some laugh tracks in the background, I think most would think they remember hearing this on the show,” recognize one of the users who has seen the video of speaking of AI channel on Youtube, where other pieces are posted.

not bad for a debut comedian like AI.

Cover image | Raph_PH (Flickr)

just a few weeks ago Blake Lemone became one of the most well-known, commented, debated, applauded and reviled names in…

just a few weeks ago Blake Lemone became one of the most well-known, commented, debated, applauded and reviled names in…

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