Amazon Luna reaches all users in the United States. And it’s free for Amazon Prime customers.

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It’s been over a year since Amazon Luna will be launched, your video game streaming service in the cloud. That release was only available by invitation, but now Amazon Luna is available to all users in the United States.

The platform is therefore deployed in a much more ambitious way, and it does so with novelties and great news: Amazon Luna is included as part of the Amazon Prime subscriptionat least in the US.

Don’t buy games, subscribe to channels

We do not know if this strategy will be the one that is also offered in other countries, especially since the price difference of the annual subscription is notable between the United States (where they recently raised the price, placing it at 139 dollars per year) and countries like Spain (where we pay 36 euros a year).

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What is important is that the inclusion of Luna in the Prime subscription is something especially attractive to start promoting a service that has very strong competitors. Microsoft xCloud, NVDIA GeForce Now and Google Stadia have been raising their bets in this field for some time, but in Amazon Luna the idea is somewhat different.

If we all play by streaming there will be no one to sell video games in person: the new challenge for GAME, Mediamarkt and the rest of physical stores

Unlike services like Stadia — where players can buy games as they would on non-cloud platforms — on Amazon Luna, gamers subscribe to individual channels on a monthly basis. These channels offer a certain catalog of video games, and at Amazon Luna we have several:

  • Prime Gaming (free with Amazon Prime): will offer a selection of games that will rotate each month. In March, for example, ‘Devil May Cry 5’, ‘Observer’, ‘System Redux’, ‘PHOGS’ and ‘Flashback’ will arrive, in addition to the presence of ‘Immortals Fenyx Rising’ for a week.
  • Retro ($4.99/month): dedicated to old games, it will include a good handful of titles such as ‘Street Fighter II – Hyper Fighting’, ‘1943’, ‘Metal Slug 3’ and ‘Castlevania Anniversary Collection’.
  • Jackbox Games ($4.99/month)– Featuring ‘Luna Couch’ mode which will allow other players to join the match even if they are not subscribed to Luna. Most of them are mini-games designed to be enjoyed by several players.
  • Luna Plus ($5.99/month): with titles like ‘Metro: Exodus’, ‘Saints Row: The third (Remastered)’, ‘Dirt 5’, ‘Control’ or ‘Abzu’, among others.
  • Ubisoft Plus ($17.99/month): The most expensive channel, but it includes titles like ‘Assassins Creed: Valhalla’, ‘Far Cry 6’, ‘Chost Recon: Breakpoint’, ‘The Division 2’, ‘Watch Dogs 2’ or ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’.
  • Family ($2.99): games very much aimed at children such as ”Garfield Kart Furious Racing’, ‘Battle in Bikini Bottom’, ‘Mega Baseball’ or ‘Pile up!’.

There are also some novelties in this release: it will be possible stream gameplay from those games directly to Twitch —which is an Amazon service— simply by pressing a button during gameplay. There’s even a QR code for those who play on a Fire TV device and can use their phone as a webcam.

If you don’t have a game controller available — Amazon sells its own Luna Controller — the platform allows use an Android mobile or an iPhone as a video game controller when playing from a Fire TV device.

The proposal is, of course, a striking alternative to the offers of its competitors, especially due to that approach in which the channels give access to certain groups of video games: that can give more game —and never better said— if we are enjoying certain titles some seasons and others in others. Now It remains to be seen if Amazon ends up launching the service outside the United States.something about which there is currently no data.

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It’s been over a year since Amazon Luna will be launched, your video game streaming service in the cloud. That…

It’s been over a year since Amazon Luna will be launched, your video game streaming service in the cloud. That…

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