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With the football daisy already stripped for the next five years —Movistar will continue to be the only place where we can make sure we watch all the games, with DAZN making a timid incursion—, the possibility that, at least in the short term, we would see LaLiga launching its own OTT to be able to watch football in the national territory.

LaLiga launched that OTT three years ago, LaLiga Sports TV, but to offer certain content around handball, basketball or futsal, among other sports. And on that basis they marketed the platform for third parties to use, such as World Padel Tour, and thus commercially exploit their technology division. We already knew that the OTT was also ready to offer LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank, but before direct exploitation there were agreements with third parties, such as Telefónica and DAZN. And an option that they left open from LaLiga in an interview with Xataka was that this OTT crystallized first in foreign markets. And so it has been. Your name, LaLiga Pass.

No gap in Spain until 2027

Its initial availability is limited to Southeast Asia. It is already available in Indonesia and before the end of April it will also arrive in Thailand. In LaLiga Pass you will find all the LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank matches, as well as match summaries, documentaries, interviews and other satellite content. Of the ten matches of each LaLiga Santander day, three will be narrated in their local language.

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This launch is part of the gradual internationalization that Spanish football has advanced in recent years, especially in the last decade, and it had been many moons since the rumors of LaLiga Pass began as a “Netflix of football” through which to stop depend on telecoms or other platforms to move to direct exploitation.

The first stone on which to build this church has been in Indonesia and Thailand, it remains to be seen if over the years this bet becomes real in Spain as well. The emission rights, at the moment, are awarded until 2027.

Not just a currency exchange

In these two countries, the monthly subscription prices are 45,000 Indonesian rupiah and 99 Thai baht. In exchange, 2.65 and 2.67 euros respectively. But let’s not forget that these prices are usually not simple currency exchanges, but also adaptations to the local economy.

In Indonesia, for example, the basic Spotify subscription is 49,990 rupees, 3.15 euros. That same subscription is 9.99 euros in Spain. The price at which this service would arrive in Spain is unknown, but it seems unlikely that a simple conversion of these pioneering prices will be made. For the next course, in any case, prices for the entire season will be included in the offer, in addition to the monthly plan.

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LaLiga’s foray into the world of OTTs is following a path similar to that achieved by BAMTech, the OTT subsidiary of the MLB (the United States baseball league), which achieved such a level that ended up being acquired by Disney and renamed to Disney Streaming Services for its technological achievements.

For now, this LaLiga story is going through Indonesia and Thailand. Time will tell if it also ends up reaching our homes and how far its commercial exploitation reaches.

With the football daisy already stripped for the next five years —Movistar will continue to be the only place where…

With the football daisy already stripped for the next five years —Movistar will continue to be the only place where…

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