Air Nostrum is the first to take a risk with the gigantic zeppelin

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The Airlander 10 will fly in Spain. The largest airship in the world, a gigantic and modern zeppelin manufactured by Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), has been chosen by Air Nostrum (Iberia subsidiary) to carry out domestic flights. It’s about the first airline that bets on this particular aircraftwhose first prototypes had many problems and crashed during the first flights.

The agreement between HAV and Air Nostrum establishes a purchase of up to ten aircraft, with the intention that the first flight of the Airlander 10 be in 2026. The origin of this airship dates back to 2010, when the United States Army devised a modern airship. In 2016, the British company HAV bought the prototype and has been in charge of its development ever since. We are talking about the largest aircraft on the planet, with a size of 92 meters long. To get an idea, the Boeing 747 is 71 meters long.

Aircraft with helium for more sustainable routes

The commitment to this gigantic airship is part of the intention to offer short routes with up to 90% less emissions, as explained by the manufacturer HAV. The speed of the Airlander 10 is about 130 kilometers per hour, so it is not particularly fast. Therefore, the idea of ​​Iberia and Air Nostrum is to offer it on short journeys, for example between Majorca and Barcelona.

Air Nostrum Airlander

The Airlander 10 is a hybrid ship. It works with helium, but it is not a blimp to use. This gas is not burned, so it cannot catch fire. But thanks to this helium, lighter than air, it allows the large aircraft to fly without the need for large engines. As they explained, the aircraft can fly for five hours even receiving 100 bullets, but the first tests had so many problems that the project had to be temporarily paralyzed.

People are already designing the luxury mega yachts of the future.  And they will not only sail: they will also fly

In order to start the flight on the scheduled date, 2026, You must first get certified.. Both Iberia and HAV are optimistic about this and hope that by 2030 the 10 aircraft can be launched. The first Airlander 10 is scheduled for 2026, with the rest arriving at the Air Nostrum base in Valencia during the following five years.

The aircraft has a load capacity of about 10 tons and can carry about 100 passengers. But beyond its size, it has a number of advantages over traditional aircraft. On the one hand, its flight is much lower and the cabin does not need to be pressurized. On the other hand, the Airlander 10 don’t need a runway and can perch on flat surfaces, be it land or even on water.

This is how luxurious the interior of the Airlander 10 is, the largest aircraft in the world

Although the autonomy of the aircraft is about 3,700 kilometersDue to its characteristics, this modern airship is designed for short routes. The routes that Air Nostrum hopes to carry out have not been officially communicated, but from the Spanish airline they describe that it is “ideal to cover many of the most important routes throughout the Spanish territory.”

The European Union wants put an end to short plane trips and here the Airlander 10 is presented as a powerful alternative. According to the technical data, CO2 emissions per passenger of this airship is about 4.5 kg, compared to 53 kg for traditional aircraft. In addition to trips to the Balearic Islands from the Peninsula, other routes contemplated they are the journey from Liverpool to Belfast; from Oslo to Stockholm or from Seattle to Vancouver.

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The Airlander 10 will fly in Spain. The largest airship in the world, a gigantic and modern zeppelin manufactured by…

The Airlander 10 will fly in Spain. The largest airship in the world, a gigantic and modern zeppelin manufactured by…

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