admit that eight animals died during tests with their brain chips

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Neuralink’s brain chips cause a “extreme harm” to animals. so it has denounced the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, who say that of the 23 monkeys involved in the tests, at least 15 died or were euthanized, according to open California records to which they have had access.

Neuralink has decided respond with an official statement to the controversy, assuring that they care for animals in the “best ethical way” even though admitting that they did have to sacrifice up to eight animals.

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Brain chips and their health risks

In early January, Elon Musk’s company anticipated the start of human clinical trials. The study of the brain is one of the most challenging frontiers and Neuralink has achieved fascinating demonstrations such as that of a monkey playing Pong with his mind.

But now the reports on the health status of the animals that have participated in the tests generate many doubts about the viability of these brain chips, especially if you want to start the trial in humans as well.

As described by the new york post, one of the monkeys was missing some fingers and toes “possibly from self-mutilation or some other unspecified trauma”. An animal that was later euthanized. In another case, an animal had holes drilled in its skull to implant electrodes and developed an infection. In another, electrodes in the brain caused him to vomit and retch, leading to a brain hemorrhage, according to the report.

Nearly all monkeys given head implants suffered health effects quite debilitating”, they explain from the Committee of Doctors in defense of animals that has denounced this activity.

What explains Neuralink in the face of these accusations

From Neuralink they assure that all new medical treatments must be tested on animals first, but that they are committed to doing it in the best ethical way. They argue that in the past relied on external institutions for your program. In 2017 they chose the prestigious California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC), with which they have worked for two and a half years.

The first tests were carried out on animal carcasses and later on terminal animals. subjects medically chosen and euthanized by surgery and anesthesia to prevent animal suffering. As for terminal animals, they are those that the veterinary staff has considered healthy enough for an anesthetic event but without adequate quality of life due to a pre-existing condition.

We can now record the activity of our brain.  Now the big question is what about

About the fingers and injuries, from Neuralink they explain it as conflicts between the animals themselves and not as a direct result of the tests. With the addition that they explain that there was no such damage to the UC Davis animals while they were part of the Neuralink project.

They do admit that two animals were euthanized on completion dates and another six were euthanized on medical advice. Reasons include a surgical complication related to the use of BioGlueFDA approved; one device failure and four infectionswho consider an inherent risk when performing these interventions.

Once the construction of their laboratories was finished, some of the macaques like Pager (the one in the Pong video) were transferred. Neuralink justifies that all of his work was approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Since 2020 they have had a 560-square-meter nursery that was inspected before it opened and they explain that they have never been alerted. They further argue that if an animal does not want to participate in a task, it is never forced to do sogoing beyond what is required by the American regulation on the use and care of animals at the laboratory.

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Neuralink’s brain chips cause a “extreme harm” to animals. so it has denounced the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, who…

Neuralink’s brain chips cause a “extreme harm” to animals. so it has denounced the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, who…

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