Abarth 500e, features, price and technical sheet

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Abarth already has reservations open for its first electric car, the 500e. At the moment, the car can only be reserved in its variant scorpionissima, a limited edition of less than 2,000 units. Despite being 100% electric, Abarth promises to keep roaringhaving equipped it with an audio system that simulates the classic sound of the Abarth.

Technical sheet of the Abarth 500e


Body type.

Hatch back.

Measurements and weight.

3.63 meters long


185 liters.

maximum power.

155 hp.

WLTP consumption.


Environmental badge.

Zero emissions.

Driving aids (ADAS).

Traffic Sign Information
Autonomous emergency braking with recognition of pedestrians and cyclists
Intelligent speed assistant Lane keeping assistant
Drowsy Driver Detection
fatigue detector
Cruise control
blind spot detection
Emergency calls


Connection via Bluetooth with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
Double screen of 10.25 and 7 inches
Electrochromic interior mirror
Wireless charger for smartphones
reversing camera.

Electric hybrid.


plug-in hybrid.



yes 100%

Price and release.

From January 2023 from 43,000 euros

The essence of Abarth, but without fuel

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The Abarth 500e, based on the platform of the electric 500, mounts a 154 PS (113 kW) and offers a maximum torque of 235 Nm, all associated with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 42 kWh. It allows charging in alternating current to a maximum of 11 kW and 85 kW in direct current. This translates into fast charge from 0 to 80% in 35 minutes. On autonomy, Abarth approves 250 kilometers under the WLTP cycle.

It is a fairly low figure, especially compared to the 330km that its younger brother, the 500 electric, approves. This figure is mainly due to the higher consumption (18 kWh/100 km) of this model compared to the Fiat.

Despite being the first electric of the scorpion firm, from Abarth they have not wanted the car to lose sportsmanship. Perform 0 to 100 in just 7 seconds and promises greater maneuverability and driving dynamics.

In order not to lose essence, it incorporates a ‘Sound Generator’ system that faithfully reproduces the sound of a Gasoline Abarth. As a curiosity, there is another audio system that plays a guitar strum every time the car is turned on and off. Both systems are optional and can be turned on or off at will.

Gallery Tb 1024x700 1

The gearbox only has one transmission ratio, the front suspensions are McPherson with telescopic shock absorber and elements such as the wheels are made of diamond alloy, being the same 18 inches.

To level technological and ADASIt is a small car, but complete. The Abarth 500e comes with information on traffic signs, autonomous emergency braking with recognition of pedestrians and cyclists, fatigue detector, lane keeping assistant and more.

Gallery Tb 1024x700 9

There is no lack of a new 10.25-inch screen compatible with Android Auto and CarPlay, accompanied by a seven-inch digital cluster, which shows all the information related to autonomy, speed (limited to 155 km/h), modes of driving and more.

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Versions and price of the Abarth 500e

The Abart 500e arrives, in principle, only in its version scorpionissimaat a price of 43,000 euros. It will be available for purchase in early 2023. on the official Abarth website. It remains to be seen if a less radical version ends up being launched in our territory, in order to alleviate the final bill to some extent.

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Abarth already has reservations open for its first electric car, the 500e. At the moment, the car can only be…

Abarth already has reservations open for its first electric car, the 500e. At the moment, the car can only be…

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