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Searching for a job on the internet has a major drawback: most employment platforms ask the applicant to register and manually fill in all fields related to work experience, training, portfolio and complementary skills, such as languages. Some allow you to import the data from a PDF document or from LinkedIn, but the results of this transfer are often quite disappointing and the user has to correct them by hand anyway.

For this reason, the Spanish company Manfreda human resources company specializing in the technology sector, has decided to create a open source curriculum that can be synchronized with multiple employment platforms from a file in JSON format hosted in the user repository on GitHub. A project that he presented this Thursday.

In this way, the origin of the data shared by the interested party will be on their own machine, from which they will be able to cut off access to the web they want whenever they want, which will ensure that they always have control over their personal information and that the closure of a platform does not make you lose all the content you have dumped on it, as explained by Manfred. Likewise, with this system, being interconnected from the user’s repository, every change made on one website will automatically be reflected on the others and it will be saved in the professional’s JSON file.

“It is the first step to become a single source of truth (model by which each element is mastered or edited from a single place) of professional data. It pains me a lot to have to upload my data to each site, because most of the conditions of use of those websites also prevent me from removing them, because their business model is based on capturing that data and trying to ensure that it never comes out. We are going to do the opposite”, explains David Bonilla, founder of Manfred, to Xataka.

To get the resume in JSON format, the user must have their professional profile in Manfred or in Stack Overflow. Although the plan of the human resources company is that its tool can create the CV from other platforms such as LinkedIn or Infojobs in the future, as the project progresses. But at the moment it is not possible and you have to register on the Spanish website manually to get it, or export it from Stack Overflow.

David Bonilla

Likewise, for now the curriculum cannot be connected to any of the major employment platforms, although there are already companies like Sngular that have adopted it for their own recruitment websites. However, at Manfred they hope to soon be able to extend it to other websites as the idea catches on among professionals seeking employment. “We want it to become a universal standard,” says Bonilla.

The resume will only be downloadable in JSON format, but Manfred plans to enable the option to export it to PDF at a later date. Although that goes against the very idea of ​​this digital CV. “Our value proposition is that you never send your data in PDF, because you lose control, you don’t know where that document ends up or who has your personal data, and what’s more, they won’t be up to date. The idea is that you share your public profile on Manfred instead, through which you can check how many times they open it, what they do and how far they read”, explains Bonilla.

Stack Overflow shutdown

Manfred had been thinking about tackling this project for some time, and they had decided to develop it throughout 2022. The idea was, and still is, attract more users to your platform through an open source tool that can be useful to them. But ad of the closure of the Talent & Jobs division of Stack Overflow as of March 31, which will mean the elimination of the online resumes of some 4.7 million developers from around the world who have their public profiles on this website, accelerated things.

Stack Overflow has indicated that it will allow its users to export their resumes until March 31, so Manfred saw the opportunity to fish in a troubled river and has focused the launch phase of his digital resume on attract users from web developers. Thus, it has created a tool so that professionals with a profile on Stack Overflow can export their CV to JSON format by simply copying and pasting its URL on the page that the Spanish have created for it.

The war for talent in the technology sector threatens the viability of many Spanish SMEs: it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to retain seniors

“Since Manfred was born we have grown every year well above our forecasts. So far this year, we have gone from having 26 to 34 employees, and in the last year we invoiced 1.5 million euros. And all this with 12,000 professional profiles in Spain alone. Imagine what it can mean for us to attract even just 1% of the people who are on Stack Overflow”, says Bonilla.

Thus, Stack Overflow developers will be able to download their CV in JSON format through Manfred and save it on their computer or in a GitHub repository and, if they want, register with the Spanish human resources platform to have the same public profile they had on Stack Overflow at Manfred using that file.

Screenshot 2022 03 21 At 16 50 39

Appearance of the web that Manfred has enabled for Stack Overflow users.

The launch of this project, due to its link with Stack Overflow and its claim to universality, has meant an internationalization process for the Spanish company, which until now only worked in the Spanish market. In the presentation of the project they have also announced their opening to foreign markets and the remodeling and translation of their website into English.

A tool for developers

Despite the intended universal nature of the project, and its intention to become the standard for online professional data, the truth is that this tool is quite focused, at least for the moment, on IT professionals or people who have a certain command of the subject. And it is that not many workers outside this field know what a GitHub repository is or what features the JSON format has.

From Manfred they are aware of this, and they admit that they have focused on technological profiles because they are precisely the ones they are specialized in and the ones that interest them the most. But they trust that the tool will spread over time and that more and more people from various sectors will adopt it. To do this, they assure that they are going to prepare basic informative material so that anyone without computer skills can create their repository on GitHub, understand what the JSON format is and why it allows the digital curriculum to be synchronized on multiple platforms from a single file.

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Searching for a job on the internet has a major drawback: most employment platforms ask the applicant to register and…

Searching for a job on the internet has a major drawback: most employment platforms ask the applicant to register and…

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