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Now that there are already some companies doing events in the metaverse, many are taking the opportunity to continue working on some products that a while ago remained in the air.

An example of them are the TCL NXTWear Air, connected glasses that even have their own speakers that adapt the video to its format. We have spent a few minutes with them and then we will tell you all the details about these.

A worked design, but finished in plastic

It seems incredible, but many of the glasses that manufacturers develop do not have an everyday appearance, in fact, Sometimes it is difficult to identify that these correspond to glasses.


TCL on this occasion has a design that is really similar to traditional sunglasses, although with a hanging cable and much wider lenses where a system of mirrors are integrated that are responsible for projecting the light from the panel.


The weight is quite light, specifically 75 gramsaccording to the technical sheet, although it may be something else because it also had a cable that hung from one of the pins that it offered him both nourishment and the image to project.

The TCL logo was displayed on one of the temples. In the nose support it had some rubber bands to offer a better grip and comfort in it.


In the end, despite the fact that the mount is made of plastic, despite not offering a functional premium finish that fulfills its objective, to be light and aesthetic.

Technical sheet of the TCL NXTWear Air



Dual 1080p, 16:9
47 dpi


171.4 x 162 x 50mm
52 x 154 x 50 mm (Folded)


75 grams with standard lenses


Dual, Compatible Headphones


Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor


USB Type-C, DisplayPort


Custom SDK (3DOF)

A screen of up to 140 inches in front of your eyes


If one of the problems to be able to enjoy large-inch televisions is space, these glasses are a very good solution, since they project in front of you a screen up to 140 inches. That is, more or less like being in the movies.

It is true that there are other options such as projectors that also allow a large size on a white wall, although their price is also high.

On this occasion we must make it clear that we are talking about a concept that has not even gone on sale, so We do not know its price.

There are many ways to project the image. In this case it corresponds to a panel that also has a system of mirrors that we can appreciate if we pay attention to the naked eye.


The panel is based on MicroLED technology, which allows the integration screens in places that were previously unimaginables with very little distance between our eye and the screen with a really good level of detail.

Augmented reality glasses will be the next level to make us too dependent on technology

This is a technology that TCL has already perfected a lot. Yes indeed, We are talking about a screen that depends on another computer to be able to display information. Other models are capable of making real life compatible with a model of glasses that project information wirelessly.

Capable of playing all kinds of content with just one cable


One of the great source points of these glasses is that They are Plug&Play, that is, you can project all kinds of content that has a Display Port on the glasses.

It is a great advantage, since on this occasion we tested the glasses constantly connected to a mobile smartphone, which means that it is not necessary to have a very powerful computer to play the content, but just by plugging in you could already enjoy the content.

In this case, we tested different videos that were already designed and adapted for the NXTWear Air. It is true that the projections offer good detail because they correspond to videos in 1080p resolutionwhich may seem like definition enough for a smartphone, but maybe something is left right on a panel that you have so close to your eyes.

The quality of the screen was sufficient, although it is true that if we looked carefully we could see the pixels on the screen.

Beyond the screen: the speakers


Keep in mind that we had the opportunity to test these glasses in a fairly noisy environment, so we can’t judge the sound quality. However, the simple fact that the glasses incorporate dual speakers makes the immersive experience much greater than we might expect at first.

In addition, as the center of the system is housed in the smartphone, in order to increase said immersion it is always possible to connect a Bluetooth headsetwhich probably makes the experience even better.

The volume is adjustable. The glasses have certain touch controls through the temples, although on this occasion they were disabled, which would allow manage the sound without touching the mobile.

a different experience


The experience we have had with the NXTWear Air has been really curious, and quite satisfactory, to be a concept that was first seen at CES just a few months ago.

We were surprised that these they warmed up, but this did not prevent them from being used. It is true that it was a unit that was plugged in constantly.

So much so that the company has already got down to work with other glasses that also include MicroLED technology, but in this new model directly integrated into the glass.


Now that there are already some companies doing events in the metaverse, many are taking the opportunity to continue working…

Now that there are already some companies doing events in the metaverse, many are taking the opportunity to continue working…

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