a minor Marvel series, and also a good approximation to the sitcom with superheroes

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She-Hulk (or Hulka, as the character has always been known in Spain) is a good representation of the type of heroes that Marvel needs for its series. On the one hand, he is a new character in the MCU, so he leaves aside the feeling of eternal recycling that Marvel has dragged on for years (and that weighed down ‘Hawkeye’ or ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’). On the other hand, he does not carry a complex lore of his own that makes series like ‘Ms. Marvel’ or ‘Moon Knight’ are seen as partially unrelated to the MCU. On the other, the concept of her is understood at first: a female Hulk, without more.

In fact, that very clear concept (and somewhat old-fashioned in its origin, a mere comic exploitation of the success that the Hulk was achieving internationally thanks to the television series of the late seventies) receives a few taunts from a series that has no problem launching light feminist darts at the respectable. Hulk is fury unleashed, yes, but what happens when that fury comes from a woman?

The responses of ‘She-Hulk’ to that question give rise to some of the funniest moments of this first episode of just over thirty minutes. For example, letting anger flow in the company of her cousin Hulk (absolute co-star of the episode), hitting the ground and throwing boulders into the air, there are times when Hulka can’t help but shout “Macho! Macho!” It shows how essential and simplistic it is to think that a hero of superhuman strength is only good for breaking things.

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In fact, the entire series exudes a kind humor, very little conflictive and that, yes, requires a certain initiation in the MCU codes that the most veteran Marvel viewers will identify with the comic pieces of Thor or with the already mythical post- credits of ‘Avengers’ with the snack after the battle. In fact, the best moment of this first episode is right after the credits, with a running gag about Captain America that we hope will reappear in later episodes.

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A problem with the Marvel series is that they never want to give up the epicness of the characters, even though their intentions go the other way: for example, ‘Ms. Marvel’ is a light youth drama, ‘Loki’ is a multidimensional adventure and ‘Wandavision’ a metanarrative drama, but they are still, in the end, superhero series. At the moment, ‘She-Hulk’ openly states its intentions: it is what it is, a lawyer comedy in which one of the characters also happens to be a superhero.

And that is the great challenge of the next episodes of ‘She-Hulk’: to remain faithful to the comics scripted by Dan Slott in which he is very clearly inspired, although he seasons it with elements from other stages of the character. For example, there are a couple of moments in which She-Hulk speaks to the camera and breaks the fourth wall, as happened in the mythical stage of John Byrne in the eighties, but it is very unlikely that we will end up seeing the risky metanarrative games of that title.

It’s in the apparent lack of pretense of ‘She-Hulk’ that the series can find an identity: in not wanting to be the nth spectacular demystification of superheroes, but a good comedy of lawyers with green people in between. At the moment (and having improved the digital effects to the minimum acceptable, although the constant presence of CGI gives everything an artificial touch that works against it), this episode, the appearance of the Hulk and the energy he gives to put us in situation for the entire series in just half an hour say a lot about the narrative agility and the wonderful construction of characters that it boasts.

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Of course, the Marvel artillery is yet to come: Daredevil and Abomination are guaranteed, Titania makes a brief appearance here that will almost certainly continue into the future, and never give up hope of meeting Ultima or Behemoth. It will be when the DNA of the MCU has no choice but to intermingle with courts, final arguments and calls to order where we will see to what extent a series spins fine that, for now, clears up a few unknowns about what a good should be. sitcom superheroic.

She-Hulk (or Hulka, as the character has always been known in Spain) is a good representation of the type of…

She-Hulk (or Hulka, as the character has always been known in Spain) is a good representation of the type of…

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