A French father tried to get his son to use the tablet less. After leaving his town without Internet, he faces jail

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The protagonist of this story does not know what to do so that his children stop using mobile devices at night and fall asleep sooner. They are hooked on social networks and, if not prevented, they stay until the wee hours of the morning browsing these platforms. Other measures have not worked, so he decides to make a radical decision: buy a multiband slingshot inhibitor, capable of blocking the WiFi signal and mobile data, and connects it every night from 12 to 3 in the morning. What he does not know is that, in addition to the children, he is preventing half the town from connecting to the internet.

It has happened in the town of Messanges, in the south of France, a municipality that is about 75 kilometers from the border with Spain. the man in question I didn’t know how powerful the device I had bought wasand for several nights he inadvertently left many residents of his town and the one next door without access to the internet, according to explains the gala radio ANFR.

The use of frequency inhibitor was detected by one of the mobile operators that offers services in the area, which noticed that one of its antennas it had stopped working several days in a row from midnight to three in the morning for no apparent reason. For this reason, they sent a technical team with a specialized vehicle equipped, among other things, with a radiogoniometer and a device for detecting hostile waves. Thus, they managed to identify quite quickly that the cause of the problem was a frequency inhibitor, and the house in which it was located.

When asking the owner of the house in question, he admitted that he was using a frequency inhibitor so that his children would not have access to the network at night. He had no idea that he was depriving half the town of internet. Nor that the use of this type of device by individuals it is illegal in many countries, including France.

For this reason, the National Frequencies Agency of France has initiated legal action against this man, who now faces a sentence of up to six months in prison and a fine of up to 30,000 euros. In addition, you will also have to pay 450 euros for the expenses derived from the investigation.

In Spain, the use of frequency inhibitors is also prohibited for individuals, and the penalties are substantial: up to 500,000 euros in the case of a serious infraction, and up to 20 million euros in the case of very serious infractions. In our country, as in many others, the use of these devices is reserved for the State Security Forces and Bodies and Public Administrations. In certain cases, there are also individuals who can use them, but only if they obtain the express authorization of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications.

The protagonist of this story does not know what to do so that his children stop using mobile devices at…

The protagonist of this story does not know what to do so that his children stop using mobile devices at…

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