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The rise in sea level does not paint an optimistic scenario in the Maldives. With 80% of its territory rising barely a meter above ocean level, the prospect that the waters have risen two meters by the end of XXI outlines a future full of challenges. The Maldivians know this. Your government knows it. And to anticipate a horizon as difficult as it is uncertain, they have made a move with a pioneering initiative: the creation of a vast floating city for 20,000 people.

It is not an idea, a statement of intent or an abstract project with a dubious execution. The one named as Maldives Floating City (MFC) is already underway with the aim that the first residents can occupy their homes in 2024 and it will be completely finished in a matter of five years, in 2027. Those who are interested in occupying one of their houses can already show their interest. The sale, details the MFC websiteit will start soon.

The new city will be located in a lagoon of about 200 hectares located just ten minutes by boat from Malé, the capital of Maldives, and in addition to blocks for housing and visitor accommodation will include a hospital, school, a government building and commercial services. When drawing it up, the studio in charge of its design, water studiowas inspired by the brain corals. development is assumed by joint venture made of Dutch Docklands and the Government of the country.

From refugees to climate pioneers

To give it shape, it will distribute around 5,000 floating units crossed by canals and streets; all, comments Koen Olthuisfrom the Waterstudio study, to demonstrate that fully functional and safe communities can be created on water.

“The Maldivians will go from being climate refugees to climate innovators”, explains Olthuis to CNN. The new floating city could also help alleviate the high population density of the capital, an urban core of 8.3 square kilometers in which more than 252,000 people reside. Your prices they won’t be too different to those registered on the artificial island Hulhumale.

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When designing MFC, its creators have paid attention to both its surface and the submerged part. The modules will be fixed to a large underwater hull anchored to the bottom of the sea with steel piles. The design also incorporates breakwater-like structures that will stimulate coral growth, a crucial piece in the design and maintenance of the floating city: the reefs that surround the MFC will help mitigate the impact of the tide and reinforce its own stability.

“As a nation on the front lines of global warming, the Maldives is perfectly positioned to reimagine how humanity will survive —and, in fact, will prosper— in the face of rising seas and eroding coastlines. By leading this effort, the Maldives is not only laying the groundwork to combat its own challenges. It also provides a viable model for other nations to follow. a joint statement Dutch Docklands and the Government of Maldives.

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Those responsible for MFC claim that theirs will be the first city in the world to act authentically as a floating island, a “revolutionary approach” with the support of the country’s government. Its calendar is also drawn up in the short term: the modules are already being built in a local shipyard to be towed later to the city and the goal is for the new floating population to welcome its first residents in less than two years, at the beginning of 2024 .

That doesn’t mean that MFC is unique. In South Korea, a project with a similar philosophy is being promoted: OCEANIX Busan, a floating city prototype that also seeks to adapt to rising sea levels. The project is supported by the UN-Habitatthe company OCEANIX and the Busan Metropolitan City and is mapped out to receive about 12,000 residents and visitorsalthough it is proposed that it can continue to expand to accommodate 100,000 people.

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The rise in sea level does not paint an optimistic scenario in the Maldives. With 80% of its territory rising…

The rise in sea level does not paint an optimistic scenario in the Maldives. With 80% of its territory rising…

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