A developer has created an app that beeps every time the browser sends data to Google. Prepare your ears

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Google is one of those technology companies whose presence is so wide that at one point it ends up fading away and it is difficult to calculate its scope. It is, after all, responsible for some of today’s most widely used online services, but its tentacles reach far beyond the visible and are unknown to many.

If we focus exclusively on web browsing, analyzing each page in detail to see if it communicates with Google could be a boring and exhausting task. One developer, however, wanted to make this easier by creating a program that beeps every time the computer “talks” to the giant from Mountain View. Let’s see what this is about.

The sound that reminds you that Google is present

Bert Hubertthe developer of the project, He shared a video of the program in operation on his Twitter account. From Google Chrome entered the employment website of the Government of the Netherlands. Interestingly, the beeps started from the very moment that Hubert started typing the web address in the browser’s URL box. They also made an appearance on every click.

At first glance, the government page showed no trace of Google. Yet there it was (we’ll see why later). In each displayed menu, in each action, a communication was established with the servers of the company of the big G. Some users thought this could be because the test was running in the Chrome browser, but Hubert responded with a different one.

He did a test of his software, with the same page, but from the Mozilla Firefox browser. The behavior of the app seemed to be the same, i.e. the beeps also sounded on every move. Conclusion? Connections with Google were not exclusive to the Chrome browser.

Hubert’s program works with a list of IP addresses used by Google to provide different services (excluding those related to Google Cloud). In this sense, every time one of these IPs appears on the scene, the application beeps. The funny thing is those parts of Google “hidden” for many users.

Google In Sites 1

Experts in SEO and analytics tools know very well that it is a common practice insert Google code on certain pages to help with positioning tasks and metrics. In our case we wanted to know if the page that Hubert browsed was due to this type of scenario.

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By quickly exploring the code of the experiment page we have indeed found a presence of Google. precisely from Google Tag Managera web tag management system, and Google Analytics, the company’s measurement and analysis tool. Thus, the beeps may be due, at least in part, to these connections.

If you are interested, you can try this program for free. You find it on the page of project in the developer’s GitHub profile. Of course, at the moment it is only compatible with Linux, although there are also ways to run it on macOS, but getting it to work is not that easy.

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Google is one of those technology companies whose presence is so wide that at one point it ends up fading…

Google is one of those technology companies whose presence is so wide that at one point it ends up fading…

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