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Netflix has prepared a March full of mysteries: trips to the past, apocalyptic wars and folklore from the depths of Europe come together in a series of novelties that raise many questions. And they are just some of the almost hundred proposals that Netflix has for this month. These are all the platform news for the coming weeks.

Catalog of new series in Spain

‘Human Resources’

A spin-off of the popular ‘Big Mouth’ where we will meet more characters like the incorrect hormonal monsters of that one. This time we delve into the entire bureaucratic organization behind those invisible demons, in an adult version of ‘Monsters SA’ where we will once again have abundant servings of humor for adults and strident reflections on our most intimate impulses.

‘Monsters of Krakow’

This month’s fantastic youth series aims to be this ‘Monsters of Krakow’, a Polish production to which we perceive strong vibes of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and other similar productions. In it, a medical student joins a group commanded by a mysterious expert in paranormal phenomena, along with whom she will face a dangerous breed of monsters and deities from Slavic folklore.

All Netflix series in March

  • ‘The Guardians of Justice’ (03/01)
  • ‘Wild rhythm’ (03/02)
  • ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ S2 (03/03)
  • ‘Midnight at the Pera Palace’ (03/03)
  • ‘Lies’ (03/04)
  • ‘More wood’ (03/04)
  • ‘Do you know who it is?’ (03/04)
  • ‘Potatin and potato’ S3 (03/08)
  • ‘Astrological guide for broken hearts’ S2 (03/08)
  • ‘The Last Kingdom’ S5 (03/09)
  • ‘Queen of the South’ S5 (03/09)
  • ‘Love, life and a lot of other things’ (03/10)
  • ‘Kotaro lives alone’ (03/10)
  • ‘Once upon a time… but not anymore’ (03/11)
  • ‘Zenko: The Good Brigade’ (03/15)
  • ‘Give it gas’ (03/16)
  • ‘Homeland’ (03/17)
  • ‘Human Resources’ (03/18)
  • Top Boy Season 2 (03/18)
  • ‘Comedians in Paris’ (03/18)
  • ‘Eternally confused and longing for love’ (03/18)
  • ‘Monsters of Krakow’ (03/18)
  • ‘The Bridgertons’ S2 (03/25)
  • ‘Super PupZ’ (03/25)

Three science-fiction movies hidden on streaming platforms and worth recovering

Premiere movies on Netflix

‘The Adam Project’

A powerful cast led by Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo headline this family sci-fi production in which a pilot has to ask his own 13 year old self and his father from the past for help. Spirit of the Amblin of the eighties for the most striking big-budget fantasy piece for all audiences of the month of March.

‘black crab’

By surprise, this sober post-apocalyptic action thriller starring Noomi Rapace has been announced, presenting us with a future war that keeps humanity in check. However, youa providential frost allows an army commando to approach an archipelago with a package which, they say, can end the conflict. But our heroine also has personal reasons for approaching the place: to reunite with her daughter.

All Netflix movies in March

  • ‘Street Dance (Step Up 2 – The Streets)’ (03/01)
  • ‘Lost in the arctic’ (02/03)
  • ‘Pirates – The last treasure of the crown’ (03/02)
  • ‘Weekend in Croatia’ (03/03)
  • ‘American Girl’ (03/03)
  • ‘The unhappy one’ (03/04)
  • ‘Nine Men’ (03/05)
  • ‘The Man in the Sky’ (03/05)
  • ‘Pink String and Sealing Wax’ (03/05)
  • ‘Every minute counts’ (03/05)
  • ‘The ponies’ (03/05)
  • ‘The volunteers’ (03/05)
  • ‘Hoffmann’ (03/05)
  • ‘The Magic Box’ (03/05)
  • ‘The Lady with a Lamp’ (03/05)
  • ‘Maytime in Mayfair’ (03/05)
  • ‘Nowhere to go’ (03/05)
  • ‘Concerns’ (03/05)
  • ‘Chain of Events’ (03/05)
  • ‘Reveillon chez Bob’ (03/05)
  • ‘The Flying Scotsman’ (03/05)
  • ‘The hikers’ (03/05)
  • ‘I was Montgomery’s double’ (03/05)
  • ‘Pool of London’ (03/05)
  • ‘The girl with a hundred million’ (03/05)
  • ‘The testament of Doctor Cordelier’ (03/05)
  • ‘Keep your seats, please’ (05/03)
  • ‘Poussiere D’Ange’ (03/05)
  • ‘Surprising robbery’ (03/05)
  • ‘Flight of the Sphinx’ (03/05)
  • ‘Tour Depends on Filles’ (03/05)
  • ‘Malevil’ (03/05)
  • ‘The desire in me’ (03/08)
  • ‘A shadow in my eye’ (09/03)
  • ‘The invisible gaze’ (03/11)
  • ‘The Adam Project’ (03/11)
  • ‘Docteur Petiot’ (03/12)
  • ‘Silver Giants’ (03/12)
  • ‘Persecution’ (03/12)
  • ‘Max & Jeremy’ (03/12)
  • ‘Nekrotronic’ (03/14)
  • ‘Marilyn has black eyes’ (03/15)
  • ‘Hover’ (03/15)
  • ‘Adam by Eve’ (03/15)
  • ‘Ruby’s rescue’ (03/17)
  • ‘Until we meet again’ (03/18)
  • ‘Stroke of luck’ (03/18)
  • ‘Black Crab’ (03/18)
  • ‘Twenty-five, twenty-one’ (03/19)
  • ‘Ephemera as the cherry blossom’ (03/24)

Netflix loses its original Marvel series: announces that 'The Defenders' and its universe will no longer be available in March

Documentaries and comedy specials on Netflix

‘Bad Vegan: Fame, Frauds and Leaks’

The new true crimee quirky platform is this series from the same team that introduced us to Tiger King or that madness about Fyre Island. Here we will meet Sarma Melngailis, who was crowned the queen of vegan food with her restaurant ‘Pure Food and Wine’ and who ended up skimming money from her company and fleeing in a delusional escape full of unexpected turns.

All the documentaries and comedy specials on Netflix in March

  • ‘The worst roommate imaginable’ (03/01)
  • ‘The paradise that survives: A family legacy’ (03/03)
  • ‘Whindersson Nunes: É de mim same’ (03/03)
  • ‘Family business, luxury homes’ T2 (03/03)
  • ‘The imperceptible thread’ (03/04)
  • ‘Cry, laugh, win’ (03/08)
  • ‘Taylor Tomlinson: Look At You’ (03/08)
  • ‘The diaries of Andy Warhol’ (09/03)
  • ‘Queer Eye Germany’ (03/09)
  • ‘Bad Vegan: Fame, fraud and leaks’ (03/09)
  • ‘Life after death (with Tyler Henry)’ (03/11)
  • ‘Formula 1: The emotion of a Grand Prix’ T4 (11/03)
  • ‘3 tons: Robbery of the central bank of Brazil’ (03/16)
  • ‘Young, famous and African’ (03/18)
  • ‘Alessandro Cattelan: A very simple question’ (03/18)
  • ‘The principles of pleasure’ (03/22)
  • ‘Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock’ (03/29)

Netflix has prepared a March full of mysteries: trips to the past, apocalyptic wars and folklore from the depths of…

Netflix has prepared a March full of mysteries: trips to the past, apocalyptic wars and folklore from the depths of…

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