74% of Spanish workers think it is useless to ask for more salary

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Workers in Spain are the ones that are going to ask for the fewest raises in the near future out of a total of 18 developed countries analyzed by the international market research firm YouGov. The study indicates that only 20% of professionals in our country plan to ask for more salary as a result of inflation, compared to 30% of the French who want to do so, 33% of the Italians or 40% of the Americans, according to Bloomberg. Only the Germans come close to such a low percentage with 26% of the total.

Waste of time. The main reason given by Spanish workers is that they consider asking for a raise to be a waste of time. 74% of those who told YouGov that they did not consider negotiating their salary said they would not do so because they believed that there was no chance that the employer would agree. 15% said they would not ask for it because they were happy with their salary, and the remaining 12% because they had just received a raise.

Of all the workers surveyed, the Spanish are the most pessimistic about the refusal of their companies to negotiate their salary. The Italians are the second, since almost 73% of them consider that asking for more salary is a waste of time, the Hong Kongers the third (72.4%), the Chinese the fourth (71.9%) and the French the fifths (68.5%).

moderate requests. Likewise, the Spaniards who do consider asking for the increase will not be too aggressive with their demands: 37% say they will ask for between 2.1 and 5% more, and 23.5% between 5.1 and 10 % plus. Only 12% said they would ask for more than a 10% increase, and 17% of those surveyed said they were not yet sure how much they would ask for.

In this, however, the Spaniards do follow the general trend of workers in developed countries, since very few will make requests for raises above 10%, and in most of them the demands for raises will be between 2.1 and 5%.

Inflation is already a problem. It should be remembered that 2021 closed with the biggest price rise in the last 30 years (6.5%) in Spain and that forecasts suggest that this year they will increase by 3.5% more, although the difficult situation that international relations are going through as a result of the war in Ukraine may trigger that figure.

In fact, the YouGov study also shows that 66% of Spanish workers consider that the cost of living has increased a lot in the last year, and 25% say that it has increased a little. The professionals of our country are, together with the Italians, the ones who most perceive that the prices of the 18 countries in which the study has been carried out have risen.

The study. YouBov has surveyed 20,000 people from 18 different countries to carry out this survey, including several from the European Union, China, Canada, the United States, Australia or India, among others.

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Workers in Spain are the ones that are going to ask for the fewest raises in the near future out…

Workers in Spain are the ones that are going to ask for the fewest raises in the near future out…

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