7 tricks and clues to guess the word of each day

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we bring you seven little tricks and hints to get your daily word when you play Wordle, the trendy game of this 2022. It is a very simple game in which you have six attempts to guess a five-letter word, and in each attempt you are told which letters you have guessed right and which ones are in the right place.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, because these tricks are not a guarantee of anything. However, they can help you optimize your attempts to get the word out, especially those that give you advice on how to start. But as we will tell you at the end, the most important thing is always that you develop your own strategy.

A first word with many vowels

As in any word guessing game, one of the most important things to start to have the structure of what you have to guess is take out the vowels in the word, since there are only five and it is easier to remove them. To save you the trouble of getting vowels, the key can be in the first word.

Therefore, a piece of advice that you can follow is start the game using a word with four different vowels like Aireo, since this way you will have more possibilities of having some success in the first word. In the worst case this will also help you to discard vowels, which is always an advantage.

Start playing discards

If we go directly to try to guess a word, we may spend many attempts on it. That’s why it’s better use the first two or three attempts to discard letters, and then begin more seriously to try to get the word itself out. It is clear that we will always want to do it in the fewest number of attempts, but at least use two to discard.

Therefore, if you use the first word to download or confirm vowels as we have told you before, the next one or two should be to discard consonants. Find a word that has the most common consonants and use it. And if for this you have to use vowels that you have already downloaded, don’t worry, the important thing is to confirm or have some consonants correct.

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The first two words, which are very different

This third trick is a bit of a cheat, because it really is a combination of the previous two. It is always a very good strategy that the first two words are completely differentand even do not rule out not using in the second the letters that you may have guessed right in the first.

The idea of ​​this is that with the first two attempts you have already covered ten different letters, and that with this you have more possibilities of starting to refine towards the correct word from the third attempt.

Watch out for double letters.

Double vowels or consonants are the biggest nightmare in Wordle, since the game does not indicate much if when you write a letter it is double or not. It will simply tell you that you have hit it with or without being in the right place, but when you have one in green, the game will not indicate that it is repeated and there are two like it.

And the most difficult are the double vowels, which can make your game bitter. Therefore, never rule out the possibility that there is a double letter, never rule it out. If you see that you have a vowel right and in its place appearing in green, but you feel that perhaps the word needs another one like it, you can try writing one that has the same vowel twice.

Saying words out loud can help.

Do not be ashamed. There are times when it can be difficult to visualize a combination of letters that works with the ones you already have right. In that case, you can say the combinations out loud, because listening to you can help you to go over each word.

If you are missing a couple of letters, you can recite out loud each of the combinations you see with the letters you still have available. For me, this is something that helps me to think better or not to forget about combinations or not to discard them because mentally they don’t sound good.

Don’t be afraid to make up words that don’t exist

And if you are making combinations to try to get the last letter or the last two letters, do not be afraid to try words that you are not sure if they exist. Wordle will not penalize you if you write a word that is not in the dictionaryand you’re not going to waste a try with it.

We’re not walking dictionaries, so you don’t have to pretend you know all the words. Who knows, maybe in the end the game will help you discover new words that you don’t know, and end up looking in the dictionary what the hell it means.

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If a strategy doesn’t work for you, change it

The most important thing to know about this game is that there are no rules or strategies that will guarantee you anything. The advice we have given you can help you not to discard words, to have more letters guessed, or to think better about solutions. But don’t be afraid to experiment with new strategies. to try to improve your results.

For example, there are people who like always start with the same word, while other people prefer to change every day. Here, everything depends on the strategy with which you feel most comfortable and that best suits your way of thinking.

we bring you seven little tricks and hints to get your daily word when you play Wordle, the trendy game…

we bring you seven little tricks and hints to get your daily word when you play Wordle, the trendy game…

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