7 PC games you can download or play for free for just a few days

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Free is in fashion. We already understand each other. Nothing is free, but we do have a few demos, trial versions, games at zero cost for a limited time and subscription platforms with generous offers that can give us many hours of fun without letting up. Here are some great games that, for a few days, you can try for free.

Hundred Days

If you ask us, our opinion is that not enough wine simulators are made. But here you have a wine company manager where you can manage the entire process, from the harvest to the bottling. You like the cheap red wine or the most exquisite broths bouquetthis Falcon Crest simulator will make you raise your virtual elbow.

Conan Exiles

A barbaric action multiplayer coming from the folks at Funcom, who will soon release a similar title set in Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’. Here, and only for the weekend, we moved to the Hyboreal Age where Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories were set. To blood and fire until Monday.

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Hunt: Showdown

The creators of the ‘Crysis’ series invite us to try this game with competitive and cooperative modes, both local and online, in which we go through the swamps of Louisiana shooting our way and facing both ferocious monsters and other players who also They make a living with their finger on the trigger.

Star Citizen

Up to eight different ships, more than enough to get an idea of ​​the immensity and ambition of the game, are available for a limited time through the game’s website. The game has a very special pedigree, as it is signed by Chris Roberts, father of the legendary ‘Wing Commander’ saga. little joke with this space opera.

Riders Republic

Ubisoft’s extreme sports game is available for free for you to spend a weekend on two or four wheels (or in free flight without motor). Massive multiplayer, competitions brimming with helmeted donkeys, and all sorts of PvP events in one of the most exciting recent extreme sports games.

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Need for Speed ​​Heat

With an eminently nocturnal setting and plenty of neon, this Electronic Arts game reminds us why, for many years, the most frenetic and illegal races had their obligatory synonym in this franchise. You will need the subscription to the Playstation service, but you have the whole month of September to enjoy it.

Gate 2

Granted, it’s not the newest game on the list, but it’s possibly the best of them all: its unbeatable mix of action, puzzles, humor, and poche haven’t aged in the slightest. And rediscovering the mazes of Aperture Science is still one of the best things that can happen to someone in front of a screen.

Free is in fashion. We already understand each other. Nothing is free, but we do have a few demos, trial…

Free is in fashion. We already understand each other. Nothing is free, but we do have a few demos, trial…

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