18 Recent Photography Documentaries You Can Stream

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Taking photos is not just hitting a button or the mobile screen. That gesture is made by millions of people every minute. And very few photographs go down in history. One of the best ways to learn is to know the work of the greats. His work can be known through the photography documentariesso we are going to recommend some highly recommended ones that we can see in streaming.

Photography is, for many, a hobby. It serves to save memories and share experiences, the famous ‘I’ve been here’. The problem is that, contrary to what advertising tells us, taking a picture is not easy, it does not only depend on the latest generation phone or camera that you buy.

To realize something so basic, it is best enjoy the work of the great photographers of history. Apart from reading their books, we find more and more documentaries that tell us about their lives and show us their work.

The following documentaries that we are going to recommend will help us to meet a new photographer, fall even more in love with their work, or discover a story that we did not know.

The photography documentaries that we can see in streaming

It is a difficult mission, because photography documentaries magically appear and disappear. It is difficult for them to remain in the platform catalog for a long time. so play check at the time we want to see them to confirm that they are.

And they always put on and recommend the same ones as always, like that wonder that is ‘La sal de la tierra’, which appears and disappears like the Guadiana. But I have never been able to see ‘Darkness and light’, about Richard Avedon, for example.

I’ll have to wait to see it decently one day on some platform. But in the meantime let’s enjoy what we can find these days on Netflix, Filmin and others…

José María Mellado wrote the photography books of a generation, and now he has gone to mobile:

Photography Documentaries on Netflix

  • ‘abstract’ which focuses on the work of different creators. The chapter dedicated to photographers features Platoone of the best in its genre, the portrait.
  • ‘The land of night’ is another documentary series with impressive night photography. As an annex we find a ‘Behind the scenes’ where they explain all the techniques used to achieve these results.
  • ‘hondros’, a documentary presented at the 2017 Tribeca festival, tells us about the life and work of war photographer Chris Hondros, one of the greats. He won two Pulitzer Prizes before he died in the Libyan war on April 20, 2011.
  • ‘The light of stories’ is a documentary series dedicated to photography, produced by Netflix. It is one of the few current series dedicated entirely to this world. It won’t go down in history, but it will leave you with a good memory during your siesta.
  • ‘die to tell’ (2017) is a documentary by Hernán Zin about war reporters. And among other testimonies we can find that of the great photographer Manu Brabo.
  • ‘The B-side’ (2016) recounts the life and work of the photographer elsa dorfmann from the point of view of his friend the director Errol Morris. She works with large format polaroids.
  • Portraits of feminism’ (2018). A curious documentary that tells the life of the women of the 70s from photographs with a feminist conscience.

Photography documentaries on Amazon Prime

At Amazon there are titles that are included if you have an Amazon Prime account, but others are not and you will have to rent or pay separately. So we have to be attentive to see if we have to make an extra payment to see the documentary.

  • ‘Dutch Angle: Chas Gerretsen&Apocalypse Now’ has been on the platform for some time, a 30-minute documentary in which we see the photographs that this photographer took during the filming of the mythical film… The problem is that it’s inside MUBI, which it supposes an extra payment more…
  • ‘Dukes of Windsor: The Secret Photos’ (2021), a small pink press documentary that tells the life of these nobles, followers of the Nazi cause, but camouflaged in an idyllic love story. I will always choose the photograph he took of them Richard Avedon.
  • ‘Faces and places’ (2018), a gem that I recommend you not stop seeing. In this documentary we will see veteran director Agnès Varda and photographer Jean René walking the streets of cities around the world.

Photography documentaries in Filmin

Fimin is one of the platforms that offers us the most photography documentaries. You just have to put ‘Photography’ in the search engine and we will see everything we can see on this subject,

And if we stay in the photography documentaries the offer always leaves me speechless. From time to time, collections appear that group documentaries and films by some theme or coincidence… But if you start looking in the extensive catalog you will find authentic wonders.

photography documentaries

What you can find in Filmin (fragment)

And we could continue pointing out the documentaries related to photography that we find on this platform, but it would give for a complete article. There they are ‘The salt of the earth’, ‘Robert Frank, the look of America‘, ‘Jacques Leonard, the payo Chac‘…

Photography documentaries in Art

And I leave for the end Art, a cultural and European public channel. Here we can always find various documentaries dedicated to photography, produced in Europe.

There are many more stories related to a world that teaches us to see things differently.

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Of course, here are not all the photography documentaries (I can’t wait to finally see Richard Avedon’s, dear platforms), only the most interesting ones that we can see now if we have these catalogues. If you like photography, with all the ones I have mentioned you could spend a whole day without batting an eyelid.

Taking photos is not just hitting a button or the mobile screen. That gesture is made by millions of people…

Taking photos is not just hitting a button or the mobile screen. That gesture is made by millions of people…

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