17 applications to flirt or find your better half

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It is never too late to find love, and if you are tired of looking for it with conventional methods, here is a list with 17 dating apps. Most of them focus exclusively on the art of trying to match up with people like you, although there are others that also try to move through the field of social networks so that you open yourself up to simply finding friends.

In this list you will find applications for all genders and sexual orientations. Most of them have a free app model with paid options, some with more of these than others. You have everything, from the best known in the sector to others a little less known and more specific.

And as we always say at Xataka Basics, we invite you to participate with us by sharing your experiences. Therefore, if you think there is an application that we have left out and should be on the list, We invite you to share it with everyone in the comments section.so that all readers can benefit from the knowledge of our community of xatakeros.



Tinder is possibly one of the best-known applications today to be able to flirt, although its approach is usually rather to search slightly more casual encounters. Even so, it is the great reference and it is the one that has earned the place of becoming one of the standards, so its number of users is one of the highest.

Its operation is very simple. You will be shown the profiles of the different users that are available, and you have to indicate which ones you like and which ones you don’t. Meanwhile, other users are also shown your profile among many others, and if you both say you like each other, Tinder pairs you up and you can start talking.



Grindr is like Tinder, but exclusively focused on the LGTBI collective. In fact, its millions of installations make it a great reference within this group, although like Tinder, looking more for sporadic encounters than romanticism. But as always in these cases, beautiful stories can emerge from a sporadic encounter.

Despite the enormous parallels between both platforms, the operation is a bit different. Here, you will not be shown the profiles of the other users one by one, but directly all the profiles of people around you will be shown on a main screen so you can see them all and choose.



An application that could be considered as an alternative to Tinder, but that aims to add a bit of curiosity and attractiveness to it using geolocation. This service will not show you the profiles of anonymous people near you, but the files of other users who have passed you on the street. Of course, as long as both are in the app and have it installed.

The operation is simple. The application stays running in the background, so that if two people who have it installed cross paths on the street, the application detects them. Then, one is shown the profile of the other and the place where the encounter took placeand if both hit I likethen the conversation starts.



Badoo is one of the oldest social networks for dating, and it was one of the big names before the arrival of Tinder. And although now it has been left in the background, it is still a totally valid alternative for those who want to look for a better half or something more casual.

In fact, Badoo has been changing its appearance and offers a proposal very similar to Tinder, with cards to slide depending on whether you like someone or not. It also has a search engine with plenty of parameters, including mood, matches, and quiz games.



It is an application that moves away from the conventional concepts inherited from Tinder, and seeks offer a closer experience to meeting someone on the street. You are not dependent on matches, although it is still important to create a profile, and to help you, you will be asked several questions to answer.

And then, without the need to make matches, you can live stream with other people so that it is as if you met them on the street and started talking to them. It also has other functions such as searching for users who live near you.

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An application that starts from an interesting concept, that of offering a valid platform both to find a partner and to find friends, and do it in a friendly and respectful environment. The application has a search engine with which you will be able to find the profile of a person related to what you are looking for.

The only drawback of this service is that it usually has widespread complaints because many of its functions are paid for, too many. Therefore, it is something that you should take into account in case you want to try it.



This app is radically different from the others in a basic concept. It does not intend to match you with people nearby or with whom you cross on the street, but with people from other parts of the world that may be related to you. You can also search for nearby people, of course, but its differentiating point is connecting with those far away.

This can be interesting in case you want to take advantage of and get to know other cultures while looking for love, or if you plan to go to a foreign country. It has several paid features, like most, but chatting with other people is free.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty Of Fish

Another dating app that seeks to differentiate itself through offering the possibility of making live broadcasts. Its mechanics are the classic ones, being able to indicate who you like to see if there is a match.

This app also allows you to see who has voted that they like you, and has a search function with multiple parameters for you to find your ideal better half. Of course, it should be noted that many of its functions are paid.



An application that claims to be designed to maintain the balance between male and female users, so they try not to end up full of men looking for the only two or three existing women. One of the methods with which he tries is to make things a little easier for women, giving them a little edge so that they feel more comfortable.

In AdoptaUnTio it is the women who are going to have the decision of who can contact them. Men will send what is called a “spell”, a show of interest. But the conversation can only start when the woman decides what proposals she will accept. Men will only talk to women who are interested in them.



You might not expect to find Instagram on a list like this. But let’s be honest, it is an application where a part of the users like to expose themselves and upload their photos, so it is a resource that you should not rule out if you are looking for a partner. Of course, if you are looking for something quick or easy, it is better that you look for any other tool on the list.

Here, remember that this is not a dating app, and that you shouldn’t be harassing anyone or being inappropriate for the good. It would have to be something more subtle, like in real life, exchange some Likes, start little by little with some conversation or comment, and see if it goes further.

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This is a single service with two different applications, and with separate user groups in each. It’s simple, it’s a service dedicated to dating among the LGTBI community, and one application is for gays and the other for lesbians. Both will allow you to meet people with your same interests, either in your country or anywhere in the worldthat is your decision.

The application offers options such as virtual appointments through voice and video calls. You can search for contacts by age and location, and it has a verification system to make sure that there is a real person on the other side. Also, thinking about international dating, it also includes a translator for your chat.


OK c

An application that adopts the style of more classic dating sites, but does so with a somewhat more basic proposal. When you create your profile, you will have to answer several questions about yourself, such as your preferences, your personal tastes, and topics such as religion or political orientation.

With these types of questions, OKCupid will then try to match you with profiles of people who are more compatible with you not only because you physically like each other, but because you have some similar opinions with a percentage of compatibility. Of course, when the pairings arrive, everything will be “tindified”, being able to say if you like each person or not.



Her is an app for women who are looking for relationships with other women, whether they are lesbian or bisexual, although it is also open to people of other genders and orientations. To maintain security and to keep people posing as others from entering, there is also an account verification system.

Here, you should know that its free system is quite limited, and that you will have to be willing to go through the box. Its operation is very similar to Tinder, having to slide on the images of the profiles depending on whether you like them or not, and then the matches are generated so you can start talking. There’s also a Facebook-like news feed, and chat groups.

taste buds

taste buds

This is a dating app that revolves around music. Some pages on this list allow you to answer questions in order to match yourself through answers with other people. In this app, you will have to choose your three favorite artists, and you will be matched with other people from them.

A curiosity is that when you make a match, you will not have to think of a phrase with which to start the conversation in the best possible way, since you can send him a song. In addition, then once the service is paired, like almost all of them, it offers you a chat platform to chat and see if the spark jumps.



And if there is a Tinder for music lovers, the geek world was not going to be less. Is about a social network for geeks focused on the Spanish-speaking world, and the one where you will be able to meet people with your same tastes in common. In it you can put your favorite series, manga, games or movies, and from there the pairings are made.

Once you have filled in your likes, from them you will be shown the profiles of other people indicating the percentage of affinity. In addition, you will also be able to indicate how close you want to look for those people in order to find love in your neighborhood, in your city, or abroad.

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An alternative that tries to differentiate itself with the promise of making all users human, and there are no bots or fake accounts. It does this through its verification system. In addition to this, you have the possibility of doing casual searches without basing yourself on tastesor one that is based on the matches in the questions that you must fill in in your profile.

For the rest, when you match up with someone, the service allows you to make calls and video calls, perform searches based on geolocation, and write to anyone without the need for a previous match.

Meet Me

meet me

An application that seeks the eternal double purpose, that of making friends and/or finding love. One of its greatest benefits is seeking to be a broad and international platform, which can also help you practice or learn other languages ​​or cultures.

The application allows you to make live broadcasts that anyone can join and react to. It even has a monetization mode where people can send you points that you can redeem for money. Of course, these transmissions cannot have sexual content.

It is never too late to find love, and if you are tired of looking for it with conventional methods,…

It is never too late to find love, and if you are tired of looking for it with conventional methods,…

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