13 streaming fantasy series and movies to accompany the arrival of ‘Elden Ring’

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‘Elden Ring’, FromSoftware’s latest ‘Souls’, is not only sweeping sales, but has also become one of the most talked about games of the moment on social networks and among addicts to the most insane difficulty titles. If you don’t have enough fantasy in your life, this week we leave science fiction aside and we’re off to explore worlds brimming with violence, magic, and skyscraper-sized colossi. We offer you 13 proposals of fantasy in its purest form that you can watch in streaming for when the thumbs tell you enough.

‘The Witcher’

The biggest fantasy hit of the last three years is this Netflix rip-off to the gargantuan hit ‘Game of Thrones’. With a lighter tone but equally violent and with a magnificent settingis based on the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski and the CD Projekt Red games. Henry Cavill as the monster-smashing warlock who has to protect a future high-powered witch fits the role perfectly and has been become the new icon for fans of the genre.

‘Game of Thrones’

Of course, the main reason most of the recent series on this list exist is this HBO production that not only changed the genre of fantasy forever, but the genre itself. fandom and his attitude towards the fictions of the genre. The truth is that, leaving aside its disputed ending, it is a series with a spectacular technical bill, as is usual on HBO and whose scale and ambition have made it a well-deserved classic of modern television, in the last traditional fuss of the environment before the arrival of the streaming destroying everything.

‘Tygra. Ice and Fire’

The great precedent of current adult animation is Ralph Bakshi, known above all for his adaptation of the underground comix ‘Friz el gato’ and for his ambitious and incomplete animated adaptation of ‘The Lord of the Rings’. There is a lot of it in this wonderful heroic fantasy story in the purest ‘Conan’ style.shot with the fascinating technique of the rotoscope, and that tells us how during an ice age that is devastating the Earth, an evil queen is conquering the world.

‘Conan the barbarian’

The great success of the fantasy genre before the adaptations of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ was this key film of the eighties, which made Schwarzenegger a star and literally marked the genre for decades. Movies that mimicked its near-apocalyptic setting and tough, violence-driven characters were ubiquitous in adventure and fantasy films until the advent of variants like the HBO series and its courtly intrigues, which gave us a more cerebral twist on this one. adaptation (not very faithful, by the way) of the stories of Robert E Howard.

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It seems that this bet by Matt Groening for Netflix deserved better luck than it has finally had, with some last seasons going somewhat more unnoticed, but the truth is that it is worth recovering. ‘(Dis)enchantment’ did with the fantasy genre what ‘Futurama’ did with science fiction, and the result is somewhat more irregular, but just as memorable. We will meet Bean, a princess fond of drinking in a medieval fantasy world, where she will travel accompanied by the talkative Elfo and a personal demon, Luci.

‘Taron and the magic cauldron’

More quality fantasy animation from the eighties, a time when, beyond proposals for adults like Bakshi’s, the genre animation became especially sinister and violentas works theoretically for children like this one or the adaptation of ‘NIHM’ demonstrate. In this case, we have an atmospheric Disney with an adventure with macabre edges, where we will meet Tarón, a young man who must prevent an evil king from seize the Magic Cauldron, whose magic can create an army of supernatural warriors.

‘Shadow and Bone’

One of the great recent successes of fantasy young adult, based on the ‘Grishaverse’ series of novels by Leigh Bardugo. Inspired by pre-Soviet Russia, this adventure introduces us to an orphan who has a power that can change the destiny of her peoplesince the darkness in which her country is partially submerged can be dissipated by a power of the protagonist: her ability to invoke a powerful source of light.


One of Netflix’s latest surprise hits has arrived in animated form, a series of exceptional quality based on the lore of ‘League of Legends’ and that works as a prequel to the biographies of many of its heroes. With an extraordinary technical invoice, it poses a fantasy world divided into two city-states: one richer and the other more impoverished. But when magic reappears by accident, completely relegated from this reality, the rivalry is exacerbated and a bloody conflict begins.

‘The dark matter’

There is less to go until the premiere of the third and final season of this lavish adaptation of Philip Pullman’s hugely successful book series. Harry Potter’s referent may seem obvious with his secret school of wizardry, but the books predate JK Rowling’s work somewhat. In any case, The Dark Materials’ has a more adventurous tone, almost connecting with the ‘Narnia’ style, and tells us how two children live magical adventures in parallel and hidden worlds in a race against the clock to save humanity.

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‘The Lord of the rings’

And if ‘Game of Thrones’ is the most relevant and influential recent success of the genre, the adaptations of Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ carried out by Peter Jackson were the blow on the table that showed that the most adventurous and heroic fantasy genre was still as relevant as ever. Its aesthetics and its development still remain a canon by which future adaptations of Tolkien will be measured, without going any further, such as the next version of Amazon’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’

Absolutely huge is this prequel to another great eighties fantasy classic, Jim Henson’s equally magnificent ‘The Dark Crystal’. Netflix stood up an epic overflowing with imagination, with plenty of macabre moments and an extraordinary cast of voices in its original version. The combination of traditional puppets and digital effects is amazing and its cancellation after only one season is one of the great tragedies of recent fantasy television.

‘The wheel of time’

One of the main recent successes of the genre, which continues to feed on literature young adult to find fast, accessible and spectacular stories. The base is in this case the very long literary saga of Robert Jordan. In it we will meet four young people who come into contact with an unknown woman who claims that one of them will confirm an ancient prophecy that will end the balance of forces between Light and Darkness. More wood for the current fantasy locomotive.


One of the most important stories of all that inspired Tolkien to create his Middle-earth had, years after Peter Jackson’s adaptations, his own movie. And although digital animation has been largely surpassed since 2007 from a technical point of view, its atmosphere and the spectacular nature of its first half are still very interesting. A powerful adaptation of a thousand-year-old narrative that is essential to know in order to understand the magnitude of the fantastic genre as a whole.

‘Elden Ring’, FromSoftware’s latest ‘Souls’, is not only sweeping sales, but has also become one of the most talked about…

‘Elden Ring’, FromSoftware’s latest ‘Souls’, is not only sweeping sales, but has also become one of the most talked about…

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