12 movies that we can watch in streaming with photography as the protagonist

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If we like something, we are excited for it to come out in a movie. As children we liked dinosaurs and we went like crazy to see them. Now we can like photography, and if we see a photographer as the protagonist we love it. It is difficult to find them, so for this reason we are going to search good films in which photography has all the protagonism.

We cannot stop recommending over and over again the jewels of the genre, such as ‘Rear Window’ or ‘City of God’, two essential films on any self-respecting list of this type.

But here we are going to look for the movies that we can see on the platforms that we have at our fingertips; Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max…

The films of photographers that we can see in streaming

We are going to find all kinds of films about photographers. Some are classics, others unknown and others will only be liked by those of us who go all day with the camera on our shoulders.

18 Recent Photography Documentaries You Can Stream

In many of them the protagonist carries a camera, or a photograph triggers the whole story. We can always discover some photographic aspect that we like in them. Or best of all, that they encourage us to go out and take pictures.

Photography Movies on Netflix

  • The Mauthausen Photographer (2018) is the true story of Francesc Boix (Mario Casas), a prisoner in the concentration camp who manages to work in the photographic laboratory and risks his life to photograph the horrors that were later seen in the Nuremberg trials. It’s too bad he had such a small budget.
  • parallel mothers (2021) is Almodovar’s last film. He is one of the directors who love photography the most and this time he turns Penelope Cruz into a versatile photographer, from taking portraits of an anthropologist to using her Phase One for product photography.

Interestingly, we can not see, today, one of the films of photographers produced by Netflix. ‘kodachrome’ tells the story of a father and his son on a journey to reveal the last reels of the legendary film. They will probably replace it in the next few months…

Photography Movies on Amazon Prime Video

In Amazon Prime Video we find several movies related to photography. They are not well known, and in many cases They seem like the perfect film to take a good nap on the weekends after a good meal. But there is nothing written about tastes, so let’s go.

  • Photography (2020) is the love story of two couples united by a photograph kept in a box. What I liked the most is the criticism that can be read on Wikipedia. And the only reason he’s here: ‘This is a film with no content. They try to sell themselves as independent, authorial cinema and it is nothing more than an empty story, without content, boring, full of clichés, stereotypes and, above all, excessive snobbery.’
  • Life (2015) is one of the best films about photography that we can see. It is true that on some occasions the good old Robert Pattinson holds his Leica as if he had a screen. Also, the director is one of the best portrait photographers out there, Anton Corbijn. But if you are not interested in photography, it may not be what you most want to see.

  • Madrid, Above The Moon (2016) is a small movie which has surprised me. Because seeing the protagonist walking around Madrid with the camera in hand, I couldn’t help but see myself walking around the city. Except that in life I have linked so much, a pity.
  • Model killer (2019) is a bad hymn to what should not be in the world of fashion. It starts with a photography session in a big studio with a photographer who is not a professional at all. Everything is wrong, from holding the camera wrong to firing the studio flashes without any connection (although he does seem to sometimes fire them out of sympathy).

Films of photography in Filmin

In Filmin we can find many more films dedicated to photography. But I have to confess that it is difficult to find the great classics that appear in all the lists worth their salt. In return we will see little gems that can allow us to discover authors unknown to us.

  • rear window (1954) is the classic among the classics of photography films. The great Hitchcock does not stop seeing us as onlookers. But in return we discover a murder and we can see that a flash can make the bad guy blind. One of the few movies that can be described as perfect.
  • The panic photographer (1960) is a masterpiece in which the protagonist is a voyeur (literal translation of the title) and who only uses photography as an excuse. In fact, he only takes pictures at first. His sadism is manifested with the cinema.

  • savior (1986) is the story of a war photographer from the perspective of Oliver Stone. James Woods’ work as photographer Richard Boyle is one of the best characterizations of our world to be found on film. And never stop listening to the thoughts of his partner, actor John Savage. Pure photography.
  • Under fire (1983) made ‘Salvador’ possible. We are in Central America in the 80’s. Here we find another great role of Nick Nolte. It is a tribute paid to war reporters.

Stills on HBO Max

  • blow-up (1966) is another classic of these lists. It perfectly reflects the atmosphere of those 60’s in the figure of a photographer with whom you wouldn’t even have a coffee. Fortunately, it is inspired by Cortazar’s story ‘The Devil’s Babas’.

What we still can’t see

Yes indeed, there are movies that today are still impossible to watch on any platform. And within the world of photography, the holy grail, which would fulfill all the aspirations of a cinema-loving photographer, would be ‘I love Melvin’, a 1953 film starring Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds after the success of ‘Singing in the rain’ (1952).

It is the story of a photographer from Look magazine who wants to conquer a dancer by promising her a cover. A musical that I have never been able to see, but that I would love, because they tell the typical story of love affairs of those years starring someone who takes photos…

The list of films that we cannot see about photographers is too long. ‘City of God’ It’s not on any platform right now. Nor do we see ‘A Face with an Angel’ (1957) anywhere, where Fred Astaire is directly inspired by Richard Avedon.

I miss seeing ‘Before the rain’ (1994), a film with three stories in which a photographer is the protagonist in two of them. Again we have in mind the horror of war through the camera. If you find it, do not miss it.

The story of 'Le Violon d'Ingres', the Man Ray photograph that may become the most expensive in history

‘Screams of silence’, ‘Harrison’s flowers’, ‘The bang bang club’, ‘The public eye’, ‘A photographer has entered’… Too many films that are difficult to watch, but surely we will have some lucky day to meet them again.

If we like something, we are excited for it to come out in a movie. As children we liked dinosaurs…

If we like something, we are excited for it to come out in a movie. As children we liked dinosaurs…

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